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The Gamebrit Podcast by
published Monday, Aug 04th

#007 — Beers Of War

Yup, it’s episode #007 — I could make a James Bond gag but that’s too easy right? Anyway, refresh that feed, as a new episode of Britain’s soon-to-be favourite gaming podcast, The Gamebrit Podcast is ready for your enjoyment!

This week we talk about EA Access, the return of The Last of Us, a new take on Crazy Taxi, iOS loot-em-up Deep Loot and barely surviving in Zombie U. We also find out who has used cheat codes before.

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Reggie Fils-Aime E3 2012 by
published Friday, Jun 08th

E3 2012: Nintendo Conference Round-Up

Nintendo took the unusual move of showing off a plethora of Wii U details ahead of their annual conference this year. During the pre-E3 video, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata confirmed the redesign of the Wii U’s GamePad controller and introduced Miiverse, a social hub which makes up part of the new consoles operating system.

The stated intention behind this pre-show video was to free up space within the main conference so that Nintendo could talk about Wii U games and Wii U games only. As you might expect, this move was seen as a welcome confirmation that Nintendo had plenty to show and wanted to dedicate their conference to talking exclusively about the Wii U’s upcoming launch line-up.

As it turns out this wasn’t the case, as Nintendo’s conference, although concentrating primarily on the Wii U, also took time out to talk about the 3DS.