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Xbox One by
published Thursday, May 15th

New Kinect-less Xbox One for £349

Despite the annual E3 conference being just less than a month away, Microsoft have revealed a huge announcement a little early, and it’s one that has the potential to dramatically help increase their console sales.

From 9th June the Xbox One will be available without their previously ‘required’ Kinect camera at a reduced price of £349.99.

IGN by
published Wednesday, Oct 10th

IGN Xbox Live App Sees UK Release

Internet Gaming Network Entertainment (that’s IGN to you and me) launched its first Xbox Live app in the UK after a successful release in the US.

IGN’s app will be available only to Xbox Live Gold subscribers and feature (can you guess?) gaming related content, including previews, walkthroughs and live streams of presentations and events such as E3 and IGN’s pro gaming league, the IPL.