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published Monday, Aug 11th

#008 – Knuckles The Enchilada

Gotta go fast! Yup, it’s another episode of Britain’s soon-to-be favourite gaming show, The Gamebrit Podcast!

This week we talk about how a fish has taken to playing Pokemon, the re-re-make of Resident Evil, along with Colin’s thoughts on checking-in within Watch Dogs. Oh, and we also do another round of Limited Edition Bullseye, this time with thanks to Halo Master Chief Collection.

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published Tuesday, Jan 24th

Resident Evil 6 Lets You Move Head, Aim Eyes At New Trailer At The Same Time

Capcom, the developers behind the long running Resident Evil series, have finally revealed their next title in the survival horror franchise with an explosive trailer.

After many viral teases on the NoHopeLeft website Capcom decided to put an end to the varied theories behind the sites meaning, with a to-the-point reveal trailer — so sit back, get comfortable and treat your eyes to 3 minutes and 25 seconds of Resident Evil action to whet your appetite for its release later this year.

published Friday, Apr 03rd

Resident Evil 5 Review

When the first Resident Evil landed on the PSOne back in 1996, it made a huge impact and despite earlier titles laying the groundwork, was the first game to be dubbed ‘survival horror’. Bringing with it flesh eating zombies, pre-determined camera angles, limited ammunition, tank-like controls and a highly tense atmosphere.