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published Monday, Jan 12th

Boomerang Rentals Issues Statement Following Alleged Security Breach

Original Article (See bottom of article for updates to this story):

UK-based Boomerang Rentals, a videogame rental service, issued a statement Monday, January 12th, following earlier allegations that customer information had been compromised.

Initial reports alluding to a possible breach surfaced on the Xbox One channel of Reddit on Friday, January 9th, inquiring speculatively as to whether customer card details could have been leaked and or stolen. Reddit user Dannytuppeny highlighted the issue, claiming that he had noticed a series of fraudulent transactions on his debit card.

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published Monday, Jun 30th

Retailer GAME Indirectly Introduce Console Rentals

Have you been looking to pick up a Wii U to give Mario Kart 8 a try? Maybe you’ve been considering grabbing a Vita for those nifty cross-play features. Well, thanks to a new console trade-in scheme currently on offer at UK retailer GAME, you can now ‘try before you buy’ — sort of.

The unique offer, posted on the GAME website and via social media, allows customers to buy a selected console or handheld and then sell it back to the retailer at the end of the summer for a set, predetermined sum.

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published Tuesday, Feb 05th

LoveFilm’s Lack Of Wii U Games Due To Stock Problems?

UPDATE: At time of writing (Sunday, February 10) the rental issues on LoveFilm appear to be mostly resolved, with the majority of titles now available to rent.

Original Story:

Stock problems and licensing issues are said to possibly be amongst the complications halting certain Wii U games from being made available for rent via LoveFilm.

The Amazon-owned rental service currently lists around 30 Wii U games on its website, including the likes of FIFA 13, Zombie U and New Super Mario Bros. U, however only a handful of these titles are actually available to rent.

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published Tuesday, May 08th

Blockbuster UK Speculate On Wii U Launch Titles

Pictures from what’s allegedly a store database at rental retailer Blockbuster appear to show a selection of possible Wii U launch titles.

The snaps, which show a list of some 25 games, are said to originate from a UK-based branch of the rental store. Originally posted over at GoNintendo, the list includes the likes of Just Dance 4, Metro: Last Light, Rabbids Party Land and New Super Mario Bros. Mii.