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published Sunday, Feb 03rd

Auditorium HD Review

Auditorium HD sits amongst Journey, Unfinished Swan and Flower as a game that undoubtedly revels in putting art at the same level as gameplay in its list of priorities.

It’s a title that started life as a internet-based flash game in 2008, but has slowly made its way onto numerous platforms, wowing audiences with a simple premise that’s both entrancing and engaging.

published Sunday, Mar 04th

Smash ‘N’ Survive Review

Version 2 Studios, a brand new studio based in India, is hoping to start their development career with a bang with PlayStation Network exclusive Smash ‘N’ Survive; an explosive car combat title with a penchant for destruction.

published Sunday, Feb 12th

Smash ‘N’ Survive Crashing Onto The PlayStation Network This February

Indian development studio Version 2 Games have released a destructive trailer to whet your appetite for their upcoming PlayStation Network exclusive title, Smash ‘N’ Survive – due to arrive on February the 22nd priced at £9.99.

Smash ‘N’ Survive is the studios first release for the PlayStation 3 and promises to deliver some serious car-on-car action for gamers who prefer aggression over simulation when behind the virtual wheel.

The title pits vehicles against each other in no-holds-barred battles through a single player campaign and the often neglected local split screen. Online multiplayer is also promised, hopefully being added to the mix in April as part of a free DLC offering.

Sony PlayStation Network by
published Friday, Feb 10th

Don’t Panic: PS3 Firmware Changes PSN Accounts to SEN Accounts in Name Only

Sony released a firmware update for the PlayStation 3 this Wednesday that, among other things, changed the terms and conditions of their online service. We delved into this new user agreement to see what these changes actually mean for you — as chances are the majority skipped on the opportunity to give it a read.

First things first, the PlayStation Network (PSN) as a whole has not been renamed to the Sony Entertainment Network (SEN), despite all the confusion that’s been floating around recently. The only real change is that the account you use to login to the PSN will now be known as a SEN account.

So, in practice you login to the PSN with your SEN account. Simple. 

Sony reiterated that, “The rebranding of PlayStation Network accounts to Sony Entertainment Network accounts is a change in name only. Your username or password will not change, nor are we asking you to change them.”

published Tuesday, Nov 08th

Mercury Hg – Heavy Elements DLC Review

Mercury Hg released on the PlayStation Network recently and received positive reviews including a solid 8 out of 10 in our review. So, as promised, the generous developers have released their first piece of downloadable content (DLC), known as ‘Heavy Elements’, has landed.

Weighing in at £1.59, this content once again follows the budget price trend set by the main game. The controls and general premise remain the same as before and that’s certainly not a bad thing. Players will still guide their mercury blob through each level trying to reach the end while working towards other goals such as collecting bonuses, achieving time limits and not losing any mass along the way.

published Monday, Oct 10th

Mercury Hg Review

Those who never embraced Sony’s portable console will have likely missed out on the superb puzzler ‘Archer Maclean’s Mercury’ and its follow-up ‘Mercury Meltdown’. Although the latter saw a release on the PlayStation 2, and a further sequel appeared on the Wii, the series has finally made the leap to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 as a downloadable title.

published Saturday, Jun 04th

PlayStation Network Services Fully Restored

The PlayStation Network has been in what can only be described as terrible state since its outage, caused by hackers, began on April 21st. However, things finally started to turn around on May 15th with the restoration of online play, chat services, PlayStation Home and the syncing of trophies.

published Wednesday, Jun 16th

Is PlayStation Plus Worth It? Not So Much…

This year’s E3 finally saw Sony reveal a premium PlayStation Network (PSN) service, one that was hinted at earlier this year, and long before then. It has been confirmed that the service will arrive in the UK on 29th June and will cost PS3 gamers £39.99 for a 12-month subscription, or £11.99 for a 90 day subscription.

So what are the key incentives to get people on board?

published Thursday, Feb 04th

Sony Still Considering PlayStation Network Charges

The PlayStation Network has been free since launch but discussions at Sony may soon change this.

November 2009 saw the start of rumours that the PlayStation 3’s free online functionality may be coming to an end.

Sony PlayStation Network

Sony PlayStation Network

This came about due to a bullet point in a Sony investor conference presentation pointing towards a ‘New revenue stream from subscription’.

Fortunately the CEO and President of Sony, Kaz Hirai, quickly stepped in and told CVG that they are “studying the possibility of introducing a subscription model, offering premium content and services, in addition to the current free services”. This answered the question on most people’s lips and quelled the opposition that could of been.

Shortly after, Kotaku caught wind of a survey being sent round by IPOS Online Research, claiming to be on behalf of Sony, detailing potential prices and features of premium subscriptions to the PSN. Further information was then extracted by Engadget on what exactly these features mean by an unnamed source. It’s clear this survey might have been only carried out to test the water and capture people’s views but it gave an early indication of how Sony may add to their current services.

All was relatively quiet on this front until recently when an interview between IGN and Peter Dille, Vice President of Marketing and Head of the PSN, revealed that ‘Kaz (Hirai) recently went on the record as saying that’s something we’re looking at’ when talking about charging for the PSN service. Sadly aside from that there were no definite announcements on the subject although he strangely doesn’t reassure that current services will remain free. Maybe we are reading too much into that?

We’ve fired off an e-mail to Sony for their comments and we’ll be sure to share if we get anything back.

published Wednesday, Nov 11th

Modern Warfare 2 Patch Breaks PS3 Online Modes

A patch (1.02) was released today for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to fix some trophy issues that some gamers were having with the PlayStation 3. Sadly while it may have fixed those issues it has in the process disabled the online multiplayer for a number of people. So if you connect and see a message box saying ‘Fetching Playlists, Updating Ranks and Unlocks. Connecting to Matchmaking Server Complete’ then it’s likely you won’t be playing online tonight.

Modern Warfare 2

Hopefully if they were able to fix the trophy issue so quickly then they should be able to fix this soon as well. Either that or have even more angry gamers flooding their forums.

Update: It turns out that it was merely server issues causing the lack of PSN connection rather than the patch. According to a tweet from Infinity Ward it’s all sorted now though apart from party issues which are to be fixed by a patch on Friday. Hurray!

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published Saturday, Feb 28th

GBCast – Episode 3

We’re doing pretty well with this whole podcast lark, six weeks in and the third GBCAST is now available to download. Apparently it’s now up on iTunes, so be sure to subscribe.

We discuss the latest news on Lost Planet 2, Alan Wake, Nintendo DSi, Braid and Mass Effect 2. We have a review of Flower on the Playstation Network, a preview of H.A.W.X, and we discuss the latest in a line of odd titles in Noby Noby Boy, cue numerous childish innuendos. Email us at podcast@gamebrit.com. Enjoy.