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published Monday, Mar 18th

Tomb Raider Review

Lara Croft hasn’t had the best of times in recent years. The Tomb Raider series found itself slowly declining in popularity, following a handful of games that failed to capture the magic possessed by the original titles.

Not only that, but when Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series arrived in 2007 it quickly took the crown as gamers ‘tomb and treasure’ game of choice.

Now, developers Crystal Dynamics have gone back to the drawing board to bring Lara Croft and her escapades back to their former glory.

published Monday, Dec 19th

Need for Speed: The Run Review

The Need for Speed (NFS) franchise has managed to claw its way back in favour with gamers over recent years with additions to the series from both Slightly Mad Studios and Criterion, of Burnout fame. Slightly Mad Studios efforts on the Need for Speed: Shift titles along with last years Hot Pursuit from Criterion both marked the work of developers new to the long-running racing series.

However, this years entry, Need for Speed: The Run, sees the development torch handed back to long time NFS developers Black Box, giving them another chance at the racing franchise.

published Tuesday, Nov 08th

Mercury Hg – Heavy Elements DLC Review

Mercury Hg released on the PlayStation Network recently and received positive reviews including a solid 8 out of 10 in our review. So, as promised, the generous developers have released their first piece of downloadable content (DLC), known as ‘Heavy Elements’, has landed.

Weighing in at £1.59, this content once again follows the budget price trend set by the main game. The controls and general premise remain the same as before and that’s certainly not a bad thing. Players will still guide their mercury blob through each level trying to reach the end while working towards other goals such as collecting bonuses, achieving time limits and not losing any mass along the way.

published Monday, Oct 10th

Mercury Hg Review

Those who never embraced Sony’s portable console will have likely missed out on the superb puzzler ‘Archer Maclean’s Mercury’ and its follow-up ‘Mercury Meltdown’. Although the latter saw a release on the PlayStation 2, and a further sequel appeared on the Wii, the series has finally made the leap to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 as a downloadable title.

published Saturday, Jun 04th

PlayStation Network Services Fully Restored

The PlayStation Network has been in what can only be described as terrible state since its outage, caused by hackers, began on April 21st. However, things finally started to turn around on May 15th with the restoration of online play, chat services, PlayStation Home and the syncing of trophies.

published Thursday, Apr 07th

Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime Review

Back in 2009 Ghostbusters was thrust back into the minds and consoles of gamers across the globe with the not-very-imaginatively titled ‘Ghostbusters: The Video Game’. It reminded people of the charm and wit found in the franchise while garnering a lot of positive reviews. So in 2011 Atari have decided to bring a brand new downloadable Ghostbusters game to the masses and hopefully reap the rewards of the renewed interest in spirit capturing.

Killzone 3 by
published Monday, Mar 07th

Killzone 3 Review

Back in 2009 Killzone 2 arrived on the PlayStation 3 to rave reviews and offered up a different type of First Person Shooter (FPS) experience to that offered in the reigning king of FPS – the Call of Duty series. Focusing more on an uphill struggle on a futuristic alien planet, superb gritty visuals and an intense class based multiplayer. This gained a huge following and a sequel was almost inevitable. So have they managed to build on their superb foundations or will they succumb to the usual FPS trend of barely improving the formula?

published Saturday, Feb 05th

Dead Space 2 Review

The first Dead Space arrived somewhat silently in 2008 but soon won the admiration of both gamers and critics alike with its haunting atmosphere, unique limb dismemberment mechanic, gripping story and satisfying third person gameplay. A sequel was almost inevitable but this time around the anticipation was far greater and developers Visceral Games certainly had a heavy burden placed on their shoulders to satisfy current fans and perhaps win over some new ones.

published Monday, Dec 27th

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Review

The Need For Speed franchise has been waning in recent years. It was once the king of street racing, however a number of less than successful games saw it’s name sullied. Despite the progress made in last year’s Need for Speed: Shift, a game which saw the series take a driving simulator stance, gamers have still been waiting for a return to it’s cops and robbers, arcade roots. Fortunately, fresh from their success with Burnout Paradise, Criterion Games were more than willing to take up the cause.

published Sunday, Dec 26th

Kung-Fu Live Review

With Microsoft’s entry into the motion controlled world of gaming, Kinect – already proving to be a successful venture, Virtual Air Guitar Company decided it was time to make a game that shows off the potential of the PlayStation Eye camera. Kung-Fu Live attempts to bring full body tracking and controller-less action to the PlayStation Store but does it succeed?

published Friday, Jul 23rd

The Mystery Of The Crystal Portal Review

The Mystery of the Crystal Portal may have begun life on the PC, but its sight is set on the Playstation Portable (PSP) and PlayStation 3, as a ‘minis’ title. So has it earned its £3.99 price tag or have the developers over estimated the worth of their title?