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published Wednesday, Nov 11th

Modern Warfare 2 Patch Breaks PS3 Online Modes

A patch (1.02) was released today for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to fix some trophy issues that some gamers were having with the PlayStation 3. Sadly while it may have fixed those issues it has in the process disabled the online multiplayer for a number of people. So if you connect and see a message box saying ‘Fetching Playlists, Updating Ranks and Unlocks. Connecting to Matchmaking Server Complete’ then it’s likely you won’t be playing online tonight.

Modern Warfare 2

Hopefully if they were able to fix the trophy issue so quickly then they should be able to fix this soon as well. Either that or have even more angry gamers flooding their forums.

Update: It turns out that it was merely server issues causing the lack of PSN connection rather than the patch. According to a¬†tweet from¬†Infinity Ward it’s all sorted now though apart from party issues which are to be fixed by a patch on Friday. Hurray!