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The Gamebrit Podcast by
published Monday, Jul 28th

#006 — You Listened, Have A Star!

Stop everything and refresh them feeds! Yup, it’s a new episode of Britain’s soon-to-be favourite gaming podcast, The Gamebrit Podcast!

This week we talk about Mario Party balance (the lack of it), E.T’s literal grave, Google buying Twitch, Sonic’s pointless friends, Noby Noby Boy and old videogaming memories. Oh, and Mike talks about Hearthstone, again.

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GBCast Artwork by
published Saturday, Feb 28th

GBCast – Episode 3

We’re doing pretty well with this whole podcast lark, six weeks in and the third GBCAST is now available to download. Apparently it’s now up on iTunes, so be sure to subscribe.

We discuss the latest news on Lost Planet 2, Alan Wake, Nintendo DSi, Braid and Mass Effect 2. We have a review of Flower on the Playstation Network, a preview of H.A.W.X, and we discuss the latest in a line of odd titles in Noby Noby Boy, cue numerous childish innuendos. Email us at podcast@gamebrit.com. Enjoy.