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published Friday, Mar 14th

Successful Night For British Gaming At BAFTAs Whilst The Last Of Us Wins Big

Naughty Dog’s critically acclaimed The Last of Us swept us at this years British Academy Games Awards picking up five of the seven awards for which it was nominated.

The post-apocalyptic survival game picked up awards for best action and adventure title, best story, best audio achievement, best performer (for Ashely Johnson as Ellie) and the nights biggest award, Best Game.

It was a excellent night for British developers with Rockstar also picking up four awards.

The Edinburgh-based developer picked up best British game, best game design, best multiplayer and the BAFTA fellowship award, presented by Metal Gear director Hideo Kojima, for Grand Theft Auto V.

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published Wednesday, Jan 22nd

Gamebrit Game of the Year Awards 2013

Gamebrit Game of the Year Awards 2013

2013 was a year with plenty of videogame scandal, from EA’s botched handling of the Sim City launch, Ashes Cricket’s sudden removal from shelves, Nintendo’s continued Wii U struggles, to Microsoft’s embarrassing about-turn on its Xbox One policies.

However, issues aside, the industry continued to push the medium of interactive entertainment forward, offering a breadth of refreshing and new experiences.

published Wednesday, Oct 28th

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Review

For most PlayStation 3 owners Uncharted 2: Among Thieves needs no introduction. However, for the uninitiated here’s a little history lesson. The original game appeared seemingly from nowhere in 2007 and managed to combine an engaging story, puzzle solving and environment traversal previously attributed to the Tomb Raider series as well as duck and cover shooting reminiscent of Gears of War. This amalgamation of gameplay styles worked fantastically, but sadly the game wasn’t without flaws. The melee combat felt weak, the aiming was inconsistent, and enemies soaked up bullets far too easily. Though the potential was clearly there, so when a sequel was announced expectations were certainly set very high. So is Uncharted 2 able to improve on these flaws and deliver on this potential?