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published Saturday, Mar 22nd

Dark Souls II Review

It’s hard to mention either Demon’s Souls, or its successor Dark Souls, without the words ‘difficult’ and ‘frustrating’ springing to mind.

However, laborious qualities aside, the highly rewarding nature and sense of achievement that conquering the challenges on offer by these games can’t be understated. These tests have always been something that series veterans have somewhat lauded, especially over those that can’t rise to the challenge.

During development of Dark Souls II it was revealed that the aim was to make the title ‘more accessible’ — this rang a lot of alarm bells for the franchise faithful. So, does this ‘approachable’ move mean that the game is easier, or does Dark Souls II retain the same ‘soul’ of its predecessors?

published Friday, May 07th

Dead To Rights: Retribution Review

Dead to Rights: Retribution is the attempted rebirth of the franchise that began on the Xbox in 2002, before being ported to the PlayStation 2, GameCube and later on Windows PC system. It gave players the chance to control one man and his dog in a quest to rid the metropolis of Grant City of its criminal scum. Despite two sequels and a title for the PlayStation Portable, the world has been lacking that combination of canine and cop since 2005. Though do not fear, as Dead to Rights: Retribution has arrived to tell the story of how the whole series started.