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Best Xanax Online Review by Cheap 2Mg Xanax Online
published Monday, Jul 08th

Alprazolam Order Lorazepam

Gamebrit recently Xanax Online American ExpressBuy Authentic Xanax Online — an upcoming indie rom-com flick about videogame coders, produced by students at the University of Lincoln.

The project successfully passed its funding target Cheapest Xanax Bars and is now heading into production.

The films production team, including producer Hannah Skidmore and writer/director Matt Gambell, will be joining us on Gamebrit to being you regular updates on the films production.

Director Matt Gambell is first up, providing an initial update on the production as it enters filming.

Xanax Visas Z Les by Buy Pure Alprazolam Powder
published Friday, May 31st

Alprazolam Pills Online

Students at the University of Lincoln areBuy Alprazolam Online Uk in order to finance ‘What Goes Up‘, an indie rom-com flick with a sci-fi twist.

The film centres around a videogame coder attempting to create the greatest game ever (good luck), all whilst battling to talk to the girl of his dreams. However, a mysterious cube changes the main character’s fate.

Second-year Media production students Matt Gambell and Andrew Coates from the University of Lincoln are behind the project. They explained their aim for ‘What Goes Up’ is to:

“show that students do in fact have the skills required to make a feature-length film to a professional standard”