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published Sunday, Jan 17th

Most Anticipated Games Of 2010 – PlayStation3

Most Anticipated Games Of 2010 - PlayStation 3

2010 – Only two years away from the end of the world according to “certain people”. Though the gaming industry has survived more than one apocalypse, us pasty faced gamers will be more than ready to handle any situation, from a zombie outbreak to fighting a full-blown war. However, until then we have plenty of gaming delights to keep us occupied.

So forget about the impending doom and the lack of flying cars for a while and lets take a look at some of the most anticipated PlayStation 3 games to hit stores over the next twelve-months.

ModNation Racers

Race, Create, Share. The three words given to describe the upcoming PlayStation title. Hailed as Mario Kart meets LittleBigPlanet, ModNation Racers looks set to become one of the funniest racing experiences of 2010. With huge customisation on your driver and cars, you can be that guy with the pimp mobile or you and your friends can look like the cast of the Fast and Furious, ModNation Racers looks set to become a very popular choice for all ages.

Heavy Rain

“How far are you willing to go, to save someone you love?” This phrase always jumps to mind whenever this game is brought up. Looking set to create a hybrid genre of gaming – much like Borderlands – Heavy Rain is a psychological thriller in which every action and choice can seriously affect the outcome of the story. You play as four separate characters over four days in the hunt for the origami killer. With stunning graphics and a deep storyline, Heavy Rain looks set to be a stunning rollercoaster ride.

God of War III

Hailed as the most anticipated game of 2010 at the Spike Video Game Awards 2009, God of War III is set to be a visually stunning game, with a similar style of game play that fans of the series have come to love in both God of War and God of war II. With a confirmed maximum of 50 enemies on screen at a time, hours of fun will be had with Kratos’ trusty Blades of Athena and, as of yet, an unconfirmed number of new weapons.

Massive Action Game (MAG)

With so many FPS games saturating the gaming market these days, it’s hard for developers to make their games stand out from the crowd. However Massive Action Game (MAG) looks set to redefine console FPS games with its staggering ability of having up to 256 players in one game. For a more in-depth look of Massive Action Game, why not check out our impressions of the beta.

Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII looks set to build upon the popularity of its predecessors, to bring a visually stunning and compelling storyline of the flagship Japanese Role-Playing Game. With a fully revamped combat system that has got players more interested in turn-based combat-style games then usual, FFXIII looks set to be another stunning addition to the Final Fantasy brand.