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published Thursday, Jul 04th

Want To Rent Games? Here Are Your Options Post-LoveFilm

After initial rumours, followed by a few days of speculation, LoveFilm officially announced that its game rental service will no longer be available to both new and existing customers.

With the impending loss of LoveFilm as a gaming rental option, the already small UK videogame rental market is set to get even smaller.

As a result Gamebrit decided to take a look at the options left for gamers, both online and on the high-street.

Spoiler: Your choices are severely limited…

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published Sunday, Jun 23rd

LoveFilm could drop support for game rentals

LoveFilm, the Amazon-owned streaming and rental company, could soon be dropping support for videogame rentals.

An email sent by the company on Friday, June 21st to LoveFilm’s affiliate marketing partners details how things could soon be changing for games-by-post customers.

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published Tuesday, Feb 05th

LoveFilm’s Lack Of Wii U Games Due To Stock Problems?

UPDATE: At time of writing (Sunday, February 10) the rental issues on LoveFilm appear to be mostly resolved, with the majority of titles now available to rent.

Original Story:

Stock problems and licensing issues are said to possibly be amongst the complications halting certain Wii U games from being made available for rent via LoveFilm.

The Amazon-owned rental service currently lists around 30 Wii U games on its website, including the likes of FIFA 13, Zombie U and New Super Mario Bros. U, however only a handful of these titles are actually available to rent.

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published Wednesday, Feb 08th

Sticking with the flicks: Netflix say no to videogame rentals

Film and TV show subscription service Netflix launched in the UK last month, joining rival LoveFilm in feeding the nations entertainment needs. However, unlike the Amazon-owned LoveFilm, Netflix lacks game rentals – meaning that if you’re looking for a LoveFilm alternative that offers games Netflix isn’t for you, as the company has reaffirmed it has no intention to move into the videogame space.