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An ex-GAME employee has seen an opportunity following the closure of her local branch and plans to open a new videogame store in her home town, Welwyn Garden City.

Welwyn Garden City GAME

GAME in Welwyn Garden City

Vicki Life, lost her job as store manager when Cheapest Xanax Bars, closing 277 stores in the process. Life had been manager of the Welwyn Garden City branch for two years, and prior to that had experience working at Hemel Hempstead’s Zavvi/Virgin store.

Life now plans to open her own independent retailer to rival the local Gamestation that remains in the area, the ingeniously titled ‘Life After Game’.

Speaking to Buy Xanax Powder Online Life said “Welwyn Garden City desperately needs a games retailer.

“There’s only Gamestation in town now, then it’s either supermarkets or HMV in Hatfield. Our GAME drew customers from Harpenden, St Albans and more, and now their choice is limited. What differentiated us was the service – something I believe games retail is all about.

“We’re are going to show that it was a mistake to close GAME Welwyn Garden City. The opportunity there is too good to miss.”

Competing against the buying power and prices of larger stores is going to be no mean feat. However, with a competitive edge and a loyal customer base it can be achieved. We wish Vicki and Life After Game the best of luck in the future.