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Run An Empire by
published Thursday, Mar 13th

‘Run An Empire’ Eyes Kickstarter Backing

London based software house PAN Studio have turned to Kickstarter in order to fund their new project – a real-time geospatial multiplayer strategy game for mobile platforms.

Device GPS coordinates translate to virtual space as players look to compete for control over territory by covering local streets through exercise. A turf war is created through area capture and reinforcement by constant movement, with more of a focus on opportunistic tacticians than persistent athletes.

Beta invites are available for backers of the iOS version. Total pledges of £25,000, from a goal of £15,000, would see an Android version come into play.

Sam Hill, co-founder of PAN Studio, says, “We’re making Run Your Empire because it’s the kind of game we’d like to play ourselves. We want something that requires the same tactical planning as the digital and tabletop games we already enjoy, but rooted in the real world where presence and physical actions make a difference. The game is designed for anyone else who might also enjoy a new way of playing strategy.”

Early bird pledge options are still available, as the developers look ahead to the April 15th deadline.

published Friday, Mar 01st

Filmmakers Aim To Kickstart UK Videogames Documentary

Experienced filmmakers Anthony & Nicola Caulfield have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to complete their two-hour long feature film ‘From Bedrooms to Billions‘ — a documentary telling the story of the UK games industry from 1979 onwards.

The duo are aiming to raise £18,000 to do post-production, secure archive footage, stills, music usage and clearances. If successful the film will release later this year.

published Saturday, Dec 15th

Indie Dev Stormy Studio Hoping To Kickstart New Horror Point & Click

Independent developer Stormy Studio, based in Surrey, have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for their new title — a point and click horror adventure game called ‘Dark Asylum – The 7 Lost Souls‘.

The small team are looking to raise £20,000 to invest in facilities, additional people and the required man hours for which to complete the project. The studio, if successful, hopes to release the completed game on mobile, tablet devices and the PC in the new year.

published Thursday, Nov 01st

Kickstarter Launches In The UK

Kickstarter, the crowd funding website for creative projects, has officially launched in the UK, opening its doors to developers.

Companies and individuals using Kickstarter have three weeks to build their campaign pages, in which they request funding to develop project. Users can invest in projects to receive tangible rewards ranging from merchandise to one-of-a-kind experiences.

Currently there are 194 projects based in the UK that are seeking funding, of which 122 are based in London. Although some of these projects are currently running through the US version of the site.