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published Thursday, Apr 04th

Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad PS3 Review

Jeremy McGrath, known for his illustrious supercross career, decided to ditch the motorbikes for his latest, swapping it instead for a new passion: off-road 4×4’s. Offroad may have time to rev its engines on Xbox Live for a while now, but in March 2013 the racer finally appeared on the European PlayStation Network.

So, has this cut-price downloadable run out of grip, or is this PSN release worthy of a fresh set of tires?

Jeremy McGrath's Offroad by
published Tuesday, Jul 17th

Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad

As with any game that gets a retail release, it is almost a guarantee that there will be a downloadable equivalent to scratch the itch of those looking for a similar experience at a lower price of entry. While Codemasters DiRT series is without doubt the current best of the off-road racer genre, up until now only SEGA Rally Online Arcade had been solely representing the genre on the digital marketplace.

This is where developers 2XL enter with Jeremy McGarth’s Offroad to provide some needed competition.