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When Capcom announced they were working on a new instalment of their ‘vs’ crossover fighting series, the chances of a western release were somewhere between slim and none. Firstly, the game would be matching Capcom’s popular fighting roster with those of manga powerhouse, Tatsunoko – a company with very little exposure outside Japan. Secondly, the Wii, a format not known or built for traditional beat-em-ups, was chosen as the sole home platform. To cap it off, the amount of effort involved in localising the title, including sorting out the tricky issue of licences, appeared too great for Capcom to bother with.

But Capcom have realised (more than any gaming company this gen) that listening to the whims of your fan base can reap big rewards, and Tatsunoko vs Capcom generated a lot of interest from western gamers when it was first announced. To cut a long story short, Capcom have gone through all the necessary hoops and here we are, with the PAL version sitting in our excited laps.

T vs C uses the same gameplay elements as previous versus titles like Marvel vs Capcom; it’s a 2-D fighter with 2 v 2 tag-team bouts. Characters can be switched on the fly or brought into the battle for a single ‘assist’ attack or a larger combo attack. Attacks are performed using three buttons (high-medium-low) instead of the six used for Street Fighter and similar titles. Despite appearing simplified on the surface, there are still the usual combos, specials, hyper specials and counter moves you’d expect from a fighting game. Capcom have succeeded in creating a control system that is both accessible to newcomers and yet deep enough to satisfy hardcore fighting fans. Button bashers may get a few cheap wins against lower level foes but to really excel against good players it takes quite a bit of time and effort to master the move sets and apply them in the heat of battle.

The list of combatants available is very impressive, despite the unknown roster on the Tatsunoko side, with 26 in all. Capcom themselves have got some iconic characters from franchises like Street Fighter and Mega Man, plus a few unexpected appearances, like Viewtiful Joe, Frank West (Dead Rising) and Soki from Onimusha. The Tatsunoko characters may not be well-known over here, but that doesn’t mean they are weaker fighters. Far from it actually – give them a few minutes and you’ll find them to be just as accessible and fun to play with as any of Capcom’s famous faces. Ryu and Ken the Eagle will soon feel as natural a pairing as peanut butter and jam. Overpowered characters were one of the concerns in the Japanese release but this has been tidied up considerably in the western version – the result is almost on a par with Street Fighter 4 in terms of variety and balance.

The same can be said about the game’s presentation, which replaces the 2D sprite art of previous versus titles with something a little closer to Street Fighter 4’s stylised 3D look. Character models have a soft cel-shaded, almost comic book, look to them which happily accommodates both the realistic characters and Tatsunoko’s manga style. The arenas are also very detailed, impressively capturing the look of the various games they have been plucked from.

We couldn’t end a review without mentioning the online modes. In a nut-shell, the online experience is far and away the most pleasing of any Wii game we’ve tried so far. Battles have been completely lag-free and setting up matches against friends or random challengers are mostly pain-free. Capcom have shown Nintendo how to handle online fights, putting Smash Bros Brawl to shame, and the only let down is the inclusion of friend codes, but then that is more an issue from Nintendo’s side. Capcom have also come up with a novel idea to stop people quitting before ranked matches have ended, a problem rife in SF IV. Persistant quitters will find themselves pitted against other quitters when they try and start another ranked match. This makes us smile inside.

Capcom really can do no wrong at the moment and this is yet another high moment. The game is a series of triumphs; the excellent control system, the near-perfect character balance, the wealth of extras and the solid online modes all make this a true success story. Wii owners who are itching for a decent fighter should look no further, and fans of SF IV or the previous versus games really ought to pick this up as it is hands-down one of the best fighters of this or any generation.

The story of this game’s journey to a western release has been a long and intriguing one. Hopefully Capcom will get the happy ending they deserve and we’ll get the chance to get our hands on a sequel.

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Gearbox Software has been in operation since 1999, but despite an army of Brothers in Arms games under their belt, they have rarely created anything unique. With this in mind, don’t be too quick to judge their new IP Borderlands. It may be a first person shooter, but it stands out from the regular stream of these games with some well implemented role playing elements.

The game comprises of a story mode, where you take one of four available characters through a fairly straightforward plot. The game sets the scene of a once in a lifetime opportunity to obtain the fabled treasures of the ‘Vault’, only available once every 200 years on the planet of Pandora. Pandora is, for the most part of the game, a canyon filled desert environment with a basic human existence. With a few exceptions, most of the areas that are encountered have an impression that life is hard to live, despite marks of a technologically advanced background in wind turbines, Bioshock style vending machines for health, ammo and weapons, and even teleportation terminals. The world is scattered with a range of human characters, varied wild creatures, and delightful robots named Claptraps.

Where none of these have a particular depth in personality, the superb voice acting adds more to the believability of the world that has been created. The Claptraps are small, loveable robots that have no real bearing on the storyline, but their coupling with slapstick humour and hilarious dialogue give them more depth than their gate keeper roles. There are two main ‘safe’ areas in the game. Fyrestone and New Haven have a populace of which you can trade and obtain side quests from, and the discovery of the two areas define the distinct halves of the game. The world is not one large area, but is split into named locations with access points, and these two towns offer the focal point from which to branch off from in the quest for the Vault.

All areas of the game look fantastic with a particular cell shaded style. The use of a slight cartoon theme in the desert and eventual alpine locations adds to the humour in the characters and takes the storyline away from any distinct realism. The figures and two-man vehicles don’t do a lot with animations, but also keeps up with the production value of the rest of the game.

Beginning on a bus journey, you gain entrance to the first location, Fyrestone, where each of the playable characters is displayed for comparison. As you depart a guardian angel figure appears (which is not too far from the Cortana visions of Halo 3) to guide you towards the goal. You are informed that if there is to be any chance of finding the Vault the help of the people is required, thus paving the way to the many characters that inhabit the area. Missions are obtained by interacting with select citizens in the area and also the notice boards that are dotted about the built up areas. The objectives range from the collection of objects to simply killing a named enemy. The start of the game introduces the integration the of the health, experience and weapon systems, which is a great alternative to the standard training prologue.

Kills, side quests, and challenges will give experience to the player’s character in order to fill levels up to 50. At each level, a point can be added to a skills tree for upgrades in stats including health, ammunition, and skill strength. Each of the playable characters has their own unique skill with a deployable turret, bird, force field, or berserker fists (aka crazy punching). These special attacks come across as just a sideline ability, where as the guns in the game take the centre stage. As advertised, there are thousands of guns in Borderlands. There are the regular snipers, machine guns and pistols, but the endless possibilities come from the customisation with suppressors, scopes, and powerful elemental bullets. The guns are available throughout the game, levelling with the character, rewarded for completing missions and found in a seemingly random fashion in chests. The merge of role playing elements with the weapons makes it hard not to spend hours on the hunt for the rare items, either to put in a collection or simply to do that extra bit of damage.

Borderlands is played best in cooperative multiplayer. The strategy of taking down the big enemies and jousting for loot is without question the most valuable part of the experience. Not to say that single player is flawed, but the drop-in multiplayer, with competitive arenas, is definitely more beneficial in a playing experience perspective. Playing with two or more friends does have its restrictions, as enemies scale in toughness with the levels of the characters. Playing cooperatively with a large gap in experience will result in the lesser player being severely hindered.

Borderlands seemingly makes use of other game features to create a new, unique experience. The brave combination of role playing exploration and leveling with the first person shooter foundations works out extremely well. Although the storyline lacks any real importance and the characters are unexpectedly shallow, it doesn’t detract from the 30 hour action packed and ultimately very satisfying ride, especially in co-op.