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GAME Harlow by
published Monday, Jun 30th

Retailer GAME Indirectly Introduce Console Rentals

Have you been looking to pick up a Wii U to give Mario Kart 8 a try? Maybe you’ve been considering grabbing a Vita for those nifty cross-play features. Well, thanks to a new console trade-in scheme currently on offer at UK retailer GAME, you can now ‘try before you buy’ — sort of.

The unique offer, posted on the GAME website and via social media, allows customers to buy a selected console or handheld and then sell it back to the retailer at the end of the summer for a set, predetermined sum.

Pokemon X & Y by
published Monday, Mar 31st

First Gen Magmar & Electabuzz Offered To Pokemon X and Y Players

Old meets new as The Pokémon Company announced Monday that classic characters Magmar and Electabuzz will be made available to UK Pokémon X and Y players throughout the Easter period.

Starting April 4th, Pokemon players can claim one of the first-gen monsters at retailer GAME. Magmar will be made available to Pokémon X players, whereas electric-type Electabuzz will be up for grabs for Pokémon Y players.

published Saturday, Mar 29th

GAME Offers Disappointed Football Fans Interesting Trade-In

UK retailer GAME are offering fans of ‘underachieving’ football teams the chance to trade in their season ticket for a copy of FIFA 14, Pro Evolution 2014 or Football Manager 2014.

The offer is only open to fans of relegation battling Cardiff, West Bromwich Albion, Fulham and Sunderland, along with underachieving Manchester United and cash-strapped Hearts of Midlothian.

In order to get a copy of either game fans must take their season ticket to participating stores before 30th April 2014.

However, given that a season ticket can cost anything from £600 to £3,000 GAME shouldn’t expect people queuing out the doors – and, no, it’s still a few days until April Fools.

Gametronics by
published Wednesday, Feb 05th

UK Retailer GAME To Open Pre-Owned Only Stores

Videogame retailer GAME is set to redevelop a number of its existing stores under a new ‘Gametronics‘ brand — these revamped stores will focus solely on the sale of pre-owned goods, similar to High Street rival CeX.

The updated stores will sell second-hand games in addition to a range of technology products, including tablets, smartphones and MP3 players.

UPDATE: Despite focusing heavily on pre-owned goods, GAMEtronics will stock a range of new goods. 

published Saturday, Nov 23rd

GAME Hails Xbox One Launch Success, Says Sales Will Surpass 360 Debut

After a successful Xbox One launch night retailer GAME made a bold statement saying the new console launch will “easily” surpass sales of the former Xbox 360.

Whether this proclamation turns out to be true remains to be seen, however early figures seem positive. GAME was keen to stress that customers wanting an Xbox One must be quick if they want to get a console in time for Christmas.

published Wednesday, Oct 30th

GAME Offers Queue Jumping Scheme For Next-Gen Launch

GAME is offering customers the chance to jump to the front of the queue when purchasing an Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

Those who take part in the retailers ‘Get Gaming Quicker’ scheme will be given access to a ‘fast lane’ at the many midnight launch and launch day events, allowing them to skip the main queue and get hands on with their new consoles faster.

published Sunday, Aug 18th

Call of Duty: Ghosts Special Edition Comes With HD Camera, Exclusive to Game

Although the focus of this weeks Call of Duty: Ghosts event was to show off the multiplayer and its various changes, including playing as a female for the first time, this wasn’t all that was shared.

The latest CoD special edition was also revealed, this timed dubbed the Prestige Edition. This year’s unique bundle comes with a 1080p HD Tactical Camera priced at a whopping £179.99. Still far cheaper than the insane Saints Row IV Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition

published Thursday, May 10th

Is There Life After GAME? An Interview With Retail Upstart Hopeful Vicki Life

Vicki Life, a former GAME employee, is preparing to open her own videogame store. Based in Welwyn Garden City, Vicki has taken it upon herself to hopefully provide a service that she feels the city deserves. It’s a risk, given the recent troubles of GAME and HMV. However risk is often not without its rewards.

Gamebrit took the opportunity to speak to Vicki Life to find out her plans for her independent gaming store ‘Life After Game‘.