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The Gamebrit Podcast by
published Tuesday, Mar 17th

#028 — Gaming & Britain

Britain’s soon-to-be-favourite gaming podcast, The Gamebrit Podcast returns for a 28th episode, and this week we talk gaming and Britain.

We continue to break down the cultural divide between England and Scotland, before getting down to business to talk videogame: Baftas, Lego Rock Band puns, awful segues, franchise sequels and the BBC’s weird upcoming Grand Theft Auto TV thing.

Games discussed this week: GTA5’s heists update, Valiant Hearts, Counterspy, Transistor, Apotheon.

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Enjoy the show!

CBeebies Playtime - Octonauts by
published Saturday, Aug 17th

BBC Launches Children’s Game ‘CBeebies Playtime’

The BBC has launched a new children’s mobile game, CBeebies Playtime, on the Apple App Store, Android Google Play Store, and Amazon Appstore.

In the app, children will be able to play four games based on shows aired on the CBeebies children’s television channel, with characters from programmes such as Alphablocks, Octonauts, Tree Fu Tom and Something Special’s Mr Tumble making an appearance.

CBeebies Playtime will also include a “grown up’s area” where profiles can be set-up for four players, with progression, custom content and access restrictions all able to be set by an adult overseer.

Adults can also record voice messages for their children along with research the educational benefits of the games found throughout the app.

The free app can be downloaded now.

published Tuesday, Mar 20th

Microsoft Launches BBC iPlayer Application On Xbox 360

The BBC’s own online video service, BBC iPlayer, has finally found its way onto the Xbox 360.

The application, which has been available to PlayStation 3 users since last year and to Wii owners since 2009, was launched by Microsoft on March 20th. The service is expected to be available to all UK users by midnight of the same day according to a Eurogamer report.

published Tuesday, Oct 05th

The Singing Review Girl: Interview with Rebecca Mayes

For many the first exposure to Rebecca Mayes would have been her appearance on BBC show – Charlie Brooker’s Gameswipe. In it, she provided a soulful acoustic review of the Nintendo Wii game MadWorld.

This is what Rebecca Mayes does, singing about and reviewing video games, hence her moniker ‘the singing review girl’. Since the idea of marrying musical and video game reviews together came about, Mayes been kept busy through her work on gamespeople.com and more notably on the website The Escapist.

Taking time out to talk to Gamebrit she discussed how the idea came to fruition, how her album turned out and how she came to appear on Gameswipe.