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published Wednesday, Dec 10th

#020 — Defective Amiibos

Episode 20 of Britain’s soon-to-be-favourite gaming podcast , The Gamebrit Podcast, returns for another round of fresh videogame talk.

This week we talk about that Street Fighter V leak, the Zelda Wii U footage, new Hearthstone cards, dodgy Amiibo toys along with all the big PlayStation news from the PlayStation Experience event, including our first look at Uncharted 4. It’s a biggy.

Games discussed this week include Crossy Road, Far Cry 4, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. We also check to see if Halo: The Master Chief Collection is working yet.

The Gamebrit Podcast by
published Wednesday, Sep 10th

#011 — Going Dutch

Episode 11 of Netherlands Britain’s soon-to-be favourite gaming podcast is here.

This week we talk about the Destiny launch, Amiibo pricing, The Sims 4’s blurred lines, Mercedes Benz DLC and what games are worth playing on planes.

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Oh, and by the way: Leo went to Amsterdam. 

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published Monday, Jun 30th

#002 — Free Hitler DLC

Britain’s soon-to-be favourite gaming podcast returns — It’s episode two of The Gamebrit Podcast!

Here for a second attempt to talk videogames, this week we discuss the Nintendo 64 turning 18 years old, how next-gen has truly arrived with the arrival of Sniper Elite 3’s testicle shooting and which games have made us cry.

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