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published Tuesday, Sep 17th

Amazon Breaks Grand Theft Auto 5 Embargo

Online retailer Amazon.co.uk broke developer Rockstar’s strict embargo when it sent out copies of Grand Theft Auto 5 ahead of its midnight launch Tuesday.

A number of customers who pre-ordered the title received the game as early as Saturday, a full three days before its official release.

Amazon said that just ‘a small number‘ of customer were affected. An Amazon spokesman spoke to the BBC:

“We have established processes in place to deliver new titles to customers on their release date and are looking into the circumstances that led to a small number of customers receiving this game earlier than intended on this occasion”

Rockstar have yet to comment on the matter.

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published Wednesday, Aug 07th

Amazon UK Launch Digital Downloads Store

Online retailer Amazon announced Wednesday, August 7 the launch of its digital download service for software and games.

The new UK store offers a mix of PC and Mac titles, including current hits such as Battlefield 3 and Tomb Raider, along with classic older games such as Splinter Cell, RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, Call of Duty 2 and the original Far Cry. A range of free-to-play titles, including Second Life, are also on offer. 

published Saturday, Mar 16th

UK Retailers Cut Price Of Wii U, Now Available Under £200

Just over a month since Nintendo went on record saying they wouldn’t cut the price of their Wii U console, UK retailers have gone and done it anyway following continued lacklustre demand for the machine. As a result, Nintendo latest home console can now be had for under £200.

Both, ASDA and Amazon have slashed £50 off the price of both the basic and premium packs, now retailing for £199 and £249 respectively. While ShopTo has knocked off £60 off the basic pack, selling it for £190.

The Wii U’s trade price, according to CVG, is still believed to be £205 for basic model, meaning retailers are now selling the consoles at a loss.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata was adamant Nintendo wouldn’t lower the console price, saying in a statement:

“With Wii U, we have taken a rather resolute stance in pricing it below its manufacturing cost, so we are not planning to perform a mark down”

In January Nintendo reduced the Wii U’s sales forecast for the year, reducing it from 5.5 million units down to 4 million units.

Will the lower price point entice you to pick up a Wii U?

published Saturday, Feb 18th

DEAL ALERT: What PlayStation Vita Offers Are Out There?

Despite the PlayStation Vita’s recommended retail price of £229.99 for the WiFi model and £279.99 for the 3G & WiFi model, retailers are already slashing the price ahead of its 22nd of February release date.

We scoured the internet to find the best deals and bundles on offer to save you a few extra pounds on launch day.

published Sunday, Dec 18th

High Street Sales Increase Over Festive Period

News of hard-hit high street retailers tend to rear their head around the festive period and this Christmas time is no exception.

Last month sales of electronics, which encompasses video-games, were 0.4% lower in November than in October according to the Office of Statistics (ONS), adding to the hardship of high street retailers.