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Jeremy McGrath's Offroad by
published Tuesday, Jul 17th

Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad

As with any game that gets a retail release, it is almost a guarantee that there will be a downloadable equivalent to scratch the itch of those looking for a similar experience at a lower price of entry. While Codemasters DiRT series is without doubt the current best of the off-road racer genre, up until now only SEGA Rally Online Arcade had been solely representing the genre on the digital marketplace.

This is where developers 2XL enter with Jeremy McGarth’s Offroad to provide some needed competition.

published Thursday, Jul 12th

Duels Of The Planeswalkers 2013

Magic: The Gathering is undoubtedly one of the biggest active trading card games in the world today with around 12 million players and fans across the globe. It’s then no surprise that this made the transition onto home consoles in 2010 with the original Duels of the Planeswalkers. Its initial success spawned yearly releases culminating in this year’s Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013.

published Sunday, May 27th

Prototype 2 Review

The original Prototype was a game that found itself a victim of bad timing. Released within a few weeks of the popular and critically acclaimed Infamous back in 2009, both gave players the opportunity to experiment with superpowers in an open world setting. Unfortunately Prototype didn’t quite win the hearts of gamers, but now developers Radical Entertainment are back to show what their franchise is capable of.

published Sunday, Apr 08th

Wheels Of Destruction

Wheels of Destruction is a class-based car combat game from GelidGames aiming to blast its way to the front of a genre that’s become somewhat bloated of late. With Smash ‘N’ Survive and Wrecked: Revenge Revisited already available as downloadable titles, how will this game fare against these, as well as the classic genre leader, Twisted Metal.

Deep Black: Reloaded by
published Monday, Mar 26th

Deep Black: Reloaded

Deep Black: Reloaded is a PC third-person-shooter from independent Texas-based developer Biart, of Russian origin. Biart has created a proprietary engine, dubbed biEngine, developed across an array of in-development titles, with certain dedication to underwater sequences honed by their kit.

Deep Black: Reloaded is a semi-submersed arcade shooter, which is a largely untouched territory in games; so, is the final product a testament to their independent work?

published Monday, Mar 26th

SSX Review (PlayStation 3)

The past few years have seen a number of nostalgic titles such as Driver, Medal of Honor and Twisted Metal reimagined on modern consoles with varying degrees of success. However, how will Electronic Arts fare with their revival of classic snowboarding game SSX, is a 5-year lull enough time to craft the perfect comeback or will it end up face down in the snow?

SSX - Zoe by
published Wednesday, Mar 21st

SSX Review (Xbox 360)

Electronic Arts’ new entry into the SSX series brings to an end a five-year hiatus since gamers last hit the snowy slopes. This new addition to the now decade-old franchise acts a reboot for the snowboarder, and although polished and certainly playable, certain design choices stop this revamp from truly hitting the mark.

published Sunday, Mar 04th

Smash ‘N’ Survive Review

Version 2 Studios, a brand new studio based in India, is hoping to start their development career with a bang with PlayStation Network exclusive Smash ‘N’ Survive; an explosive car combat title with a penchant for destruction.

Joe Danger Special Edition by
published Tuesday, Jan 31st

Joe Danger Special Edition Review

Joe Danger was originally released on PlayStation Network back in June 2010 after particular attention was drawn to the UK developer Hello Games, as they noted the difficulty of finding a platform to set their game free. Managing Director Sean Murray made headlines, calling Xbox Live Arcade a “slaughterhouse for small developers” whilst declaring that a running XBLA version of Joe Danger was “the world’s rarest game” – played by four people in the office. It is no secret that Microsoft tends towards exclusivity deals, which in the end pushed Joe Danger to market on the PlayStation Network.

Eighteen months later a new Xbox Live Arcade exclusive version of the game, Joe Danger Special Edition, arrives on the Microsoft platform with a host of new features. From the outset it is quite clear that nothing has been overlooked. Complete integration with the platform including purchasable skins, unlockable avatar awards, leaderboards and user created content, as well as a wealth of new features, is nice to see after such an early public struggle with Microsoft.

published Sunday, Jan 29th

BrawlBusters Review

The Free-To-Play business model for online games is one that’s been building momentum and most recently has seen DC Universe Online’s revenue increase vastly since it’s conversion in November last year. It’s not surprising then that a lot of other developers want to try their hand at this type of system but with plenty of competition in the market how will BrawlBusters, a third person action game from Rock Hippo, fare?

published Thursday, Jan 12th

Dungeon Defenders Review

The premise in Trendy Entertainment’s PSN tower defense game Dungeon Defenders is simple at heart but takes time to master.

Players are initially challenged to defend their single Eternia Crystal from the hoards of enemies looking to destroy it. This can be achieved through the use of building protective structures that act automatically to attack or repel any foes that cross its path. The difficulty ramps up significantly throughout the numerous levels, and as the number of crystals you have to defend increases so to do the access routes for enemies to reach their destructive goal.

Despite this simple premise being worthy of a game in its own right, the developer wasn’t content with a simple tower defense game so instead decided to up the ante with some added action RPG elements.

Grand Theft Auto III - iOS by
published Thursday, Dec 29th

Grand Theft Auto III: 10 Year Anniversary Review

The Grand Theft Auto series is one that many a gamer will undoubtedly hold very close to their heart. For the majority, this love affair with the now infamous action-series would have begun following the release of Grand Theft Auto III (GTA III) on the PlayStation 2, back in October of 2001.