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FIFA 14 - Borussia Dortmund by
published Tuesday, Feb 11th

UK Chart: FIFA 14 Top For Tenth Time

FIFA 14 (-22%) is at the top of the UK chart for the tenth time since launch, being the sixth EA title and third FIFA title to do so.

Call of Duty: Ghosts (-15%) returns to second place from third.

Fable: Anniversary, a remastered release of Fable on the Xbox 360, takes third ahead of former number one Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (-57%).

At fifth, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (-14%) sticks in place ahead of Grand Theft Auto V (+54%), which rises sharply thanks to retailer promotions.

Battlefield 4 (-26%) sinks three places to seventh, and Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition (-7%) drops one to eighth.

Killzone: Shadow Fall (+5%) climbs one place to ninth as Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag (-31%) falls four to complete that top ten.

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Gametronics by
published Wednesday, Feb 05th

UK Retailer GAME To Open Pre-Owned Only Stores

Videogame retailer GAME is set to redevelop a number of its existing stores under a new ‘Gametronics‘ brand — these revamped stores will focus solely on the sale of pre-owned goods, similar to High Street rival CeX.

The updated stores will sell second-hand games in addition to a range of technology products, including tablets, smartphones and MP3 players.

UPDATE: Despite focusing heavily on pre-owned goods, GAMEtronics will stock a range of new goods. 

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition by
published Monday, Feb 03rd

UK Chart: Tomb Raider Definitively First

The title that claimed the best launch week of 2013, Tomb Raider, hits back with a next-gen Definitive Edition to claim the top of the UK chart. FIFA 14 (-4%) is less than 500 copies behind in second place.

Much of the top ten falls one place to make room for the top entrant. Call of Duty: Ghosts (+19%) registers a significant increase in sales at third. Battlefield 4 (-5%) is still ahead of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (+11%), despite the latter title also picking up sales this week at fifth.

Assassin’s Creed IV and Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition both fall one place each to sixth and seventh respectively.

Grand Theft Auto V and Need for Speed: Rivals remain in place, as Killzone: Shadow Fall falls from seventh to tenth.

PS Vita 2000 Colours by
published Thursday, Jan 30th

Slim PlayStation Vita Hitting UK Stores February 7th

Sony has announced that the new, slimmer PlayStation Vita model will launch in the UK next week.

Originally announced in September, the svelte handheld first launched in Japan last October, and is now penned to arrive in UK stores on Friday, February 7th, priced at £180.

The new ‘PCH-2000′ model features an LCD display, 1GB of built-in storage and a longer battery life. As you’d expect the model is also thinner and lighter than its predecessor.

Following the announcement that the slimline model would now be making its way to the UK, Sony also explained that the former ‘fat’ model would be phased out.

FIFA 14 by
published Tuesday, Jan 28th

UK Chart: FIFA Leads Again

FIFA 14 remains at the peak of the UK chart for the first month of the year, making it a massive nine weeks at the top.

With the top three in place again, Call of Duty: Ghosts (-2%) and Battlefield 4 (-13%) stay in position.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (-2%) swaps places with Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag (-35%) at third, the latter suffering heavily this week to fifth.

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition (+2%) gains sales from eighth to sixth to drop Killzone: Shadow Fall (-12%) one place to seventh.

Stepping back up the chart, Grand Theft Auto V (-4%) lands in front of Need for Speed: Rivals (-17%), which falls two places to ninth.

From Namco Bandai, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z enters at tenth in the chart for the best release in the franchise for five years.

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The Last of Us by
published Wednesday, Jan 22nd

Gamebrit Game of the Year Awards 2013

Gamebrit Game of the Year Awards 2013

2013 was a year with plenty of videogame scandal, from EA’s botched handling of the Sim City launch, Ashes Cricket’s sudden removal from shelves, Nintendo’s continued Wii U struggles, to Microsoft’s embarrassing about-turn on its Xbox One policies.

However, issues aside, the industry continued to push the medium of interactive entertainment forward, offering a breadth of refreshing and new experiences.

FIFA 14 by
published Tuesday, Jan 21st

UK Chart: FIFA 14 Top Again

FIFA 14 (-23%) is at the top of the chart for an eighth week, second best to a record held by the original Zumba Fitness of all things.

The top four are all in place, with Call of Duty: Ghosts (-39%), Battlefield 4 (-26%) and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag (-31%) ahead of Lego Marvel Super Heroes (-12%) at fifth from sixth.

Killzone: Shadow Fall (-6%) jumps two places from eighth, before Need for Speed: Rivals (-28%) at seventh.

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition (-7%) is up one place to eighth as Grand Theft Auto V (-56%) drops from fifth to ninth.

Sticking in place, Aliens: Colonial Marines (-10%) completes the top ten.

The first 2014 release in the Top 40, Mario Party: Island Tour arrives on the 3DS at eighteenth.

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fifa-14-bg by
published Wednesday, Jan 15th

UK Chart: Trading Places

FIFA 14 (-32%) remains in place at the top of the UK chart and Call of Duty: Ghosts (-41%) holds at second, with minor movement throughout the rest of the chart.

Battlefield 4 (-48%) is third, swapping places with Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag (-52%) at fourth.

Grand Theft Auto V sticks at fifth ahead of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, which rises against Need for Speed: Rivals, that now sits at seventh.

Rising to eighth from twenty-first, Killzone: Shadow Fall (+63%) demotes Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition to ninth.

Aliens: Colonial Marines (-14%) rises five places to complete the top ten.

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FIFA 14 - Borussia Dortmund by
published Tuesday, Jan 07th

UK Chart: FIFA 14 Top In 2014

FIFA 14 is at the top of the UK chart for a sixth week. Now available on two new formats, FIFA 14 has 21% more in sales compared to FIFA 13 against the same week last year, in which FIFA 13 was also first.

The top seven remain in place, including Call of Duty: Ghosts (-55%) at second, with just 4,000 copies separating it from Assassin’s Creed Black Flag (-50%) at third.

Grand Theft Auto V (-64%) is hanging around at fifth in the chart this week, and could go on to become the best selling game of all time in the UK within the next three months.

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition (-42%) is at eighth as it swaps places with Just Dance 2014 (-60%) at ninth. WWE 2k14 completes the top ten.

Call of Duty: Ghosts by
published Tuesday, Dec 17th

UK Chart: Ghosts Grabs Third Week Running

Call of Duty: Ghosts (-21%) holds the chart top spot for a third week in a row. FIFA 14 (-3%) follows closely behind with fewer than 600 copies separating the two.

Retailer promotions lead Lego Marvel Superheroes (+70%) to third from sixth.

Battlefield 4 (-5%) and Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag (-12%) drop one place each to fourth and fifth respectively. Conversely, Just Dance 2014 (-5%) takes one place at sixth.

Up four places at seventh, Need for Speed: Rivals (+35%) comes in ahead of GTA V (-40%), which is down three places from fifth.

WWE 2K14 (+12%) continues climbing to ninth as Gran Turismo 6 (-37%) falls further from a disappointing start to complete the top ten.

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 UK All Format Top 10 – 14/11/2013

  1. Call of Duty: Ghosts
  2. FIFA 14
  3. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
  4. Battlefield 4
  5. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
  6. Just Dance 2014
  7. Need for Speed: Rivals
  8. Grand Theft Auto V
  9. WWE 2K14
  10. Gran Turismo 6

UK All-Format Top 40

PlayStation Plus_thumb by
published Monday, Dec 16th

Is PlayStation Plus Worth It Now?

Back in 2010 we weighed up whether PlayStation Plus, Sony’s then new subscription service for PS3 owners, was worth your cash.

At the time we judged that perhaps the £39.99 annual entry fee wasn’t really worth laying down the cash for. Yes, you may have got your moneys worth in terms of access to games, but with the titles on offer not providing a compelling enough reason to commit, the service proved hard to wholeheartedly recommend. Not only that, but when staked up against Microsoft’s rival Xbox Live service, Sony’s alternative take on a console subscription service was viewed negatively, namely for not providing key features such as cross-game chat.

Since then a lot has changed, and it’s clear that PlayStation Plus is an ever evolving service. So with PlayStation 4′s now in homes across the country is the annual subscription worth your cash today? We take another look to give you our revised thoughts.

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