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published Tuesday, Jun 09th

UK Chart: The Witcher III Takes Third Week

The Witcher III (-44%) is at the top of the chart for a third consecutive week.

Grand Theft Auto V (-16%) has a worse week but takes a place at second, having never fallen outside the top five this year.

At third, FIFA 15 (-23%) takes advantage of poors sales from Splatoon (-50%), which drops two places to fourth.

The only new release in the chart this week is science-fiction adventure game Steins;Gate on PlayStation 3 and PSVita, which manages eighteenth.

Farming Simulator 15 drops two places to seventh, leaving room for Battlefield Hardline and Project CARS to take fifth and sixth respectively.

Destiny sticks at eighth whilst Minecraft: Xbox Edition moves up to ninth and Mortal Kombat X reenters the top ten.

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published Tuesday, Jun 02nd

UK Chart: The Witcher III Remains

The Witcher III (-69%) remains at the top of the chart for a second week, holding off Wii U exclusive Splatoon as a new entry at second. Splatoon has the fifth best launch on the platform and is the most successful new IP, demoting Zombi U.

GTA V (+8) and FIFA 15 (+51%) stay in place ahead of Farming Simulator 15 (-41%), which harvests poor sales to fall three places to fifth.

Climbing to sixth, Battlefield Hardline (+43%) overtakes Project CARS (-22%), dropping from fifth to seventh.

Destiny (+25%) jumps to eighth from tenth against Mortal Kombat X (-8%) which falls one place to ninth.

Minecraft: Xbox Edition (+33%) reenters the top ten after positive sales.

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published Tuesday, May 26th

UK Chart: The Witcher 3 Wins

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt takes the top of the chart and has the best-selling launch so far this year over Battlefield Hardline by +53%. The third instalment also builds upon it’s 2012 predecessor The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings by +608%. PlayStation 4 (63%) takes the lions share of the sales over Xbox One and PC.

Farming Simulator 15 grows back into the chart at second with four new formats including PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Sticking at third, Grand Theft Auto V (+23%) continues successes after passing five million copies last week.

FIFA 15 (+49%) takes an impressive boost at the end of the Barclays Premier League season to jump two places to fourth.

From the top of the chart, Project CARS (-56%) and Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (-34%) are down four places to fifth and sixth respectively.

Battlefield Hardline is up three places to seventh.

Mortal Kombat X drops four places to eighth followed by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare at ninth and Destiny which completes the top ten.

Bloodborne (+286%) is boosted massively by retailer bundles to eleventh.

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published Tuesday, May 19th

UK Chart: Project CARS Continues Position

Project CARS (-64%) becomes the first Namco Bandai published title to complete two successive weeks at the top of the UK Chart for sixteen years.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood launched digitally two weeks ago yet takes second on physical launch with 67% share on PlayStation 4, 27% on Xbox One and 6% on PC.

Grand Theft Auto V (-25%) slips to third, however it passes five million in total unit sales.

Dropping one place to fourth, Mortal Kombat X (-28%) is in ahead of Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster which is back in the chart with a PlayStation 4 version.

FIFA 15 (-24%) is at sixth from fourth and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (-16%) is just behind at seventh.

Dying Light (-33%) and Battlefield Hardline (-34%) both drop three places to eighth and tenth respectively.

Destiny (+0%) sees no change from last week to step one place to ninth.

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published Tuesday, May 12th

UK Chart: Project CARS Victorious

Crowd-funded and independelty developed Project CARS from London based Slightly Mad Studios takes first place. It is the first racing game to do so for two years. It arrives as the first boxed title to support three 4K screens, Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus, in addition being fully funded and supported by fans.

Grand Theft Auto V (-3%) parks at second ahead of Mortal Kombat X (-35%) which slips from first to third.

FIFA 15 remains static at fourth ahead of Dying Light which takes one place to fifth.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is up two places to sixth as Battlefield Hardline and Minecraft: Xbox Edition drop to seventh and eighth respectively.

Destiny jumps six places to tenth behind Halo: The Master Chief Collection which sticks to ninth.

Other new releases include Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush at twenty-first and Puzzle & Dragons Z + Super Mario Edition at thirty-second. Skate 3 (+15%) is five years old but returns to the top 40 with continued sales over the last two years marking 25% of overall sales.

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published Tuesday, May 05th

UK Chart: Mortal Kombat Kontrols

Games took a boost all round as sales grew 6% over the bank holiday week.

Mortal Kombat X (-32%) makes it three weeks at the top as the top three remain in place.

Grand Theft Auto V (+11%) parks at second and Battlefield Hardline (+0%) holds third ahead of FIFA 15 (+16%) which jumps one place thanks to hardware bundle promotions.

Minecraft: Playstation Edition drops to fifth as Dying Light (+79%) takes eighth, pushing Minecraft: Xbox Edition (+7%) and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (+8%) down to seventh and eighth respectively.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection (+33%) takes five places to ninth as WWE 2K15 (+5%) receives a small boost in sales to remain at tenth.

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published Tuesday, Apr 28th

UK Chart: Mortal Kombat Kontinues

The top three remain in place this week with Mortal Kombat X (-64%) leading Grand Theft Auto V (-50%) and Battlefield Hardline (-26%).

Minecraft: PlayStation Edition (+172%) takes a boost, particularly on the PlayStation 4 with +52% over PlayStation 3, to fourth. As a result, FIFA 15 (-40%) drops to fifth.

Minecraft: Xbox Edition jumps over Call of Duty to sixth.

Dying Light, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection and WWE 2K15 are all up two places each to complete the top ten.

Tropico 5 comes back into the top 40 at eighteenth with the release of the PlayStation 4 version.

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published Tuesday, Apr 21st

UK Chart: Mortal Kombat X Knocks Battlefield Off Peak

Mortal Kombat X has the biggest launch for a Mortal Kombat game, and the second biggest start for any title so far this year. PlayStation 4 sales took the majority of sales with a 68% share over 38% on Xbox One and 1% on PC.

The PC launch of Grand Theft Auto V (+94%) bumps up sales to take it to second, demoting Battlefield Hardline (-34%) to third after a four week stint at the top. Only 60 copies split third and fourth, as FIFA 15 (-34%) slips from second.

Bloodborne (-14%) is up one place as sales are comparatively better than Far Cry 4 (-33%) and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (-39%) which both slip two places to sixth and seventh respectively.

At eighth and ninth, Minecraft: Xbox Edition (-3%) takes two places and the PlayStation Edition (-13%) jumps five places from fourteenth.

Dying Light (-22%) is up one place to complete the top ten.

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published Tuesday, Apr 21st

UK Chart: Hardline Hangs On

Battlefield Hardline (-56%) marks four consecutive weeks at the top of the chart stopping FIFA 15 (-8%) at second from fourth.

Grand Theft Auto V (-39%) is down to third but remains ahead of Far Cry 4 (-44%) and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (-42%), both rise one place to fourth and fifth respectively.

Down three places to sixth, Bloodborne (-58%) suffers on the single PlayStation 4 platform.

As a result of Xbox One hardware bundle sales, Forza Horizon 2 (-17%) is up to seventh and Halo: The Master Chief Collection (-33%) jumps to ninth.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection (-56%) drops one place from seventh to eighth.

Minecraft: Xbox Edition is on the edge of the top ten after missing out last week.

Two new versions on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One take Ride (+81%) to eighteenth.

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published Wednesday, Mar 18th

UK Chart: GTA V Is Back

GTA V (+49%) takes a big leap in sales, to swap with Dying Light (-43%) which now sits at second.

FIFA 15 (+1%) sticks at third ahead of the rising Minecraft: Xbox Edition (-1%) at fourth from sixth.

New in at fifth, DMC: Definitive Edition takes the best experience to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare drops to sixth from fourth.

Minecraft: PlayStation Edition is up three and Evolve takes one place to seventh and eighth respectively.

Like Zombie Army Trilogy at ninth, Sniper Elite 3: Ultimate Edition drops into tenth from Oxford based Rebellion Developments.

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published Tuesday, Mar 17th

#028 — Gaming & Britain

Britain’s soon-to-be-favourite gaming podcast, The Gamebrit Podcast returns for a 28th episode, and this week we talk gaming and Britain.

We continue to break down the cultural divide between England and Scotland, before getting down to business to talk videogame: Baftas, Lego Rock Band puns, awful segues, franchise sequels and the BBC’s weird upcoming Grand Theft Auto TV thing.

Games discussed this week: GTA5’s heists update, Valiant Hearts, Counterspy, Transistor, Apotheon.

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published Thursday, Mar 12th

UK Chart: Dying Light Lives On

Dying Light (-48%) gleams at first against the improving GTA V (-10%) and FIFA 15 (-17%) which rise three places each.

As a result, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (-56%) and Dragon Ball Xenoverse (-61%) drop two places to fourth and fifth respectively.

Minecraft: Xbox Edition (-14%) is up three places to sixth. The PlayStation Edition (-12%) sticks at tenth.

The Order: 1886 (-62%) drops to seventh as it feels the effect of single platform existence.

Rebellion, with developers based in Oxford, releases Zombie Army Trilogy to eighth.

Evolve (-35%) drops one place to ninth with a fourth week in the top ten.