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published Wednesday, Jan 22nd

Gamebrit Game of the Year Awards 2013

Gamebrit Game of the Year Awards 2013

2013 was a year with plenty of videogame scandal, from EA’s botched handling of the Sim City launch, Ashes Cricket’s sudden removal from shelves, Nintendo’s continued Wii U struggles, to Microsoft’s embarrassing about-turn on its Xbox One policies.

However, issues aside, the industry continued to push the medium of interactive entertainment forward, offering a breadth of refreshing and new experiences.

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published Monday, Dec 16th

Is PlayStation Plus Worth It Now?

Back in 2010 we weighed up whether PlayStation Plus, Sony’s then new subscription service for PS3 owners, was worth your cash.

At the time we judged that perhaps the £39.99 annual entry fee wasn’t really worth laying down the cash for. Yes, you may have got your moneys worth in terms of access to games, but with the titles on offer not providing a compelling enough reason to commit, the service proved hard to wholeheartedly recommend. Not only that, but when staked up against Microsoft’s rival Xbox Live service, Sony’s alternative take on a console subscription service was viewed negatively, namely for not providing key features such as cross-game chat.

Since then a lot has changed, and it’s clear that PlayStation Plus is an ever evolving service. So with PlayStation 4′s now in homes across the country is the annual subscription worth your cash today? We take another look to give you our revised thoughts.

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published Tuesday, Nov 19th

Multiplayer Memories — Burnout Paradise

With this console generation coming to an end it’s hard not to get nostalgic about what has made these past several years so memorable. So, we’re looking back at what titles have been the highlights, especially when it comes to gaming with friends.

Danny Lilley reflects over one of this generations most unique and enjoyable multiplayer experiences. Nope, it’s not an entry from the hugely popular Call of Duty, FIFA or Battlefield franchises, but 2008′s Burnout Paradise from Guildford-based Criterion Games.

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published Tuesday, Sep 10th

Sony Aim To Reinvigorate The Vita With A New Model And TV Box

Although the Tokyo Game Show may not get underway until Thursday, September 19th Sony Japan preceded it with a rather revealing PlayStation conference.

Alongside confirmation of a February 22nd, 2014 PlayStation 4 Japanese launch date (a whole 3 months after us Brits will see it), Sony also built upon their recent Gamescom showing to further push the PlayStation Vita as an appealing handheld for the masses, introducing a new refreshed model.

Can Sony tempt prospective buyers with a revised Vita console along with something that very few people expected – PlayStation Vita TV.

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published Saturday, Aug 24th

Xbox One or PlayStation 4? Whichever You Choose, You Win

Back in May Microsoft’s Xbox One was unveiled at a special media event, bringing with it a number of ill-favoured key policies, such as enforced Digital Rights Management (DRM), a compulsory Kinect camera and a £429 price tag (the latter of which was announced at E3). As a result of these unpopular decisions Sony’s PlayStation 4 quickly became the leading ‘next-gen’ choice in many gamers minds.

However, a lot has changed since then, with us now arriving at a point where things are a lot more even. So, with the playing field levelling out, does it really matter which ‘side’ you pick?

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published Saturday, Jan 26th

Snow Fan Of The Weather? Play These Games Instead

Snow. Love it or hate it, it’s increasingly becoming a more regular feature of the British winter. So to celebrate it, or to help you through it, Gamebrit have taken a look at some of the best (and worse) snowy worlds in videogaming.

Avaglance at our list, dig out one of the listed games and enjoy the snowy weather from the comfort of your sofa.

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published Friday, Jan 11th

Gamebrit Game Of The Year Awards 2012

Gamebrit Game of the Year 2012It’s 2013, the Christmas decorations are packed away, the New Year’s hangover has gone and the gym membership has been renewed. With the new year well and truly established, it’s time to look back and celebrate another magnificent year for videogames with the annual Gamebrit awards.

The Gamebrit team has deliberated over the best releases of last twelve months and have decided on the following winners, across the following categories. Without further adieu, let the awards commence:

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published Wednesday, Nov 28th

Nintendo misses big with Wii mini

Much to everyone’s surprise Nintendo announced a smaller, redesigned and cheaper version of their Wii home console this week.

Known as the Wii mini, the tiny machine is set to debut in Canada on December 7th, sporting a fun new look, supporting a back-catalogue of over 1,300 games and launching at an attractive price point of just $99. So, what could go wrong?

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published Saturday, Sep 22nd

Date-A-Gamer: Sorry Singletons Your Princess Is On Another Website

There’s no shame in looking for love online.

There was a once a time when finding digital love was frowned upon, but online dating has become more acceptable for those looking for their significant other thanks to the rise of countless dating sites. However, it would seem that finding your perfect partner via the ‘usual’ dating sites isn’t specific enough for some folk, and a whole host of niche websites are keen to capitalise on that.

One such UK site catering to a niche is Date-A-Gamer, which as you might expect, claims to hook up avid videogaming singletons. We decided to take a look at what was on offer, following an exposé of its more blunt sister site, Shag-A-Gamer, by PCGames N. PCGames N found that Shag-A-Gamer seemed to be populated with fake or illegitimate users, the majority of which were not even remote videogame fans.

So, is Date-A-Gamer, which on name alone seems a more reputable venture, a more reputable site? We wanted to find out — does it contain any actual gaming enthusiasts looking for their long-term co-op partner, or is it just another generic dating site?

To investigate Gamebrit sent in Leo Worsdale, 27 from Lincolnshire, who enjoys sport, sunsets and most importantly of all, them videogames.

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published Wednesday, Jun 16th

Is PlayStation Plus Worth It? Not So Much…

This year’s E3 finally saw Sony reveal a premium PlayStation Network (PSN) service, one that was hinted at earlier this year, and long before then. It has been confirmed that the service will arrive in the UK on 29th June and will cost PS3 gamers £39.99 for a 12-month subscription, or £11.99 for a 90 day subscription.

So what are the key incentives to get people on board?

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published Wednesday, Jun 02nd

Our Top Five Favourite Game Glitches

Everybody loves lists; if they didn’t why would Channel 4 keep producing them? Best comedy films, best comedy moments, best comedy quotes, best comedians – they are all something we need to know in a sequential numbered format. But top 40′s are often convoluted and tend to loose impact when the number one spot comes around. With that in mind we decided to keep proceedings short and sweet. A top 5, no more, no less.

This time we take a look at those occasional glitches found in our beloved console games.

Seeing characters running through walls are an annoyance at best; but other glitches result in some hilarious, impossible, and often unusual outcomes. Here’s a list of the five that tickled us the most, in no particular order. Enjoy.

5. Skate – Epic Crashes

Skate was a breath of fresh air for enthusiasts of the extreme sport, replacing the over-the-top tricks with far more realistic and believable ones. Tony Hawk’s only possible option would have been to release some sort of skateboard peripheral in response. Oh wait. Regardless Skate’s aim was realism and it achieved it – well almost. Skate stumbled on an odd physics glitch. Rather than collapsing on the ground in a heap when bailing from a trick, characters would often be catapulted into the air; far, far into the air. Realistic if skateboarding took place at breakneck speed, but at 10mph it’s a tad excessive.

4. Gears Of War 2 – Dancing Car From Hell

Glitches that see characters twitching like a caffeine addict at 4-am are common, a quick Internet search will produce one hit after another. But objects? That’s another matter. Enough searching will produce gems like this video of what the user accurately describes at the ‘dancing demon car from hell’. The demon car will mesmerize with each twist and turn, whilst eating at the soul of those who dare stare at it’s dark, wondrous majesty. Dance demon car, dance.

3. Modern Warfare 2 – Javelin Glitch

A bit like the Olympic sport. Except the field is a generic war-torn urban environment, the javelin is a portable anti-tank guided missile, and the final outcome is… explosive. In the most repeatable glitch on the list, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players needed just to equip the Javelin, arm it and run into an opponent. As soon as the opponent retaliates the javelin would explode, taking down the player and the poor sods that happened to be close enough to it’s over sized comic-like explosion.

Fortunately for the unwitting recipients this glitch has now been fixed. So people will just have to find a find another glitch to exploit, or just don’t cheat.

2. Heavy Rain – Naked Madison

Ever since the rumours of a cheat that removed Lara Croft’s clothes in the original Tomb Raider, numerous players both male and female have been longing to see their favourite characters in the flesh. Shower scene aside, Quantic Dream’s interactive drama Heavy Rain provided that, albeit through an unintentional glitch.

Following the love scene between Ethan Mars and lead female character Madison Paige in the ‘On the Loose’ scenario, one player reported that he declined the kiss, however the love scene continued. After reloading his last save point, there she was. As the tabloid papers would put it ‘Madison Paige in full frontal shocker’. Don’t start replaying the scenario expecting the same affect though, as reports of a repeat performance have been few and far between.

1. Red Dead Redemption – The Incredible Donkey Lady

Numerous people have enjoyed riding donkeys. More people have enjoyed riding… no wait. An odd glitch in Rockstar’s recent Wild West adventure Red Dead Redemption (which has also been turned into a recent film) has combined the two questionable hobbies and allows players to ride a donkey woman. That’s right a donkey woman – a woman’s body, a donkey’s face.

In this odd video the user encounters, approaches and tames the alleged beast. An act that separates the men from the cowboys. It seems as though the glitch is a bug that made it through the testing process, so expect a patch to fix it soon and perhaps the odd dismissal at Rockstar Games’ testing centers.