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published Wednesday, Jul 31st

F1 2013 Dated For October 4th

F1 2013 has been given an October 4th UK release date for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

It is an unusually late date for the Codemasters game, yet there are many Asian and American Grand Prix results to be decided after the October release.

This year’s game will be available in two editions, a Regular and Classic Edition. The Classic Edition features cars, drivers and tracks from past contests of the late 20th Century. However, the Classic Edition content will be available as downloadable content should buyers opt for the Regular Edition.

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published Tuesday, Jul 30th

UK Chart: Minecraft Denies Pikmin 3

Minecraft for the Xbox 360 (+74%) receives a hefty boost in sales taking first place ahead of newcomer Pikmin 3, denying the WiiU title a debut at the top.

After a lengthy six week spell at the top, The Last of Us (-16%) drops to third. Animal Crossing: New Leaf sticks at fourth ahead of Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Bros., which falls two places to fifth.

FIFA 13 takes three places up to sixth, displacing Far Cry 3 to seventh.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Legendary Edition holds at eighth against Tomb Raider at ninth and LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes as it re-enters the top ten.

New Super Luigi U on WiiU is the only other new release this week at thirteenth. The Smurfs 2 (+213%) jumps to twenty-fifth with improved sales following a disappointing launch.

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published Tuesday, Jul 23rd

UK Chart: The Last Of Us Outsells Six Months Of Wii U Titles Combined

After six weeks at the top, The Last of Us equals records made by Call of Duty: Black Ops II and FIFA 12 — all of which can now lay claim to record stints at the peak of the UK charts.

For you stat fans, Naughty Dog’s post-apocolyptic hit has now sold more copies in its six weeks of availability than the entire European Wii U catalog has managed in six months.

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published Tuesday, Jul 16th

UK Chart: The Last of Us Closes In On Record

A fifth week at the top for The Last of Us (-43%) takes it a step closer to matching the records held by Call of Duty: Black Ops II and FIFA 12, both of which enjoyed six consecutive weeks at the head of the UK chart.

Nintendo follow Sony with two titles on the 3DS. Animal Crossing: New Leaf (-26%) grows two places to second, whilst new entry Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Bros. takes third.

FIFA 13 (-31%) drops one place and Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition (-54%) falls three to complete the top five.

Far Cry 3 (+18%) hops over Call of Duty: Black Ops II  (-16%) as it gains four places at sixth. Assassin’s Creed III (-24%) and Tomb Raider (-24%) drop three places each to eighth and ninth respectively.

The cut price Aliens: Colonial Marines (+36%) takes a mighty leap up from twenty-second to complete the top ten.

Finally, add-on Civilization V: Brave New World enters the Top 40 at thirty-ninth.

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published Tuesday, Jul 09th

UK Chart: The Last Of Us Lingers

The Last of Us (-46%) remains at the top of the UK chart for a fourth week, a record time at the top for 2013.

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition (-22%) holds second as FIFA 13 (-24%) gains a place over Animal Crossing: New Leaf (-29%) at third.

Assassin’s Creed III (-3%) has a minor slip in sales to coming in at fifth.

Tomb Raider (-20%) and Call of Duty: Black Ops II (-18%) both climb one place to sixth and seventh respectively. The Sims 3: Island Paradise (-53%) and Deadpool (-54%) both drop three places, but ward off Far Cry 3 (-17%) as it re-enters the top ten.

The only new release in the Top 40 this week is Nintendo 3DS RPG Project X Zone from Namco Bandai at eighteenth.

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published Tuesday, Jul 02nd

UK Chart: Crafty Competition Creates Chaos

The Last Of Us (-35%) continues for a third week on top, despite new competition.

The retail version of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, from Scottish developers 4J Studios, grabs second, demoting Animal Crossing: New Leaf (-25%) and FIFA 13 (+43%) to third and fourth respectively, the latter aided by an impressive sales boost.

The Sims 3: Island Paradise, the tenth expansion for the game so far, is a new entry at fifth, ahead of Deadpool, another new entry at sixth place.

Tomb Raider falls from fourth to seventh and Call of Duty: Black Ops II drops two places to eighth. Assassin’s Creed III sticks in at ninth.

Launching at tenth, Company of Heroes 2  is the latest title to receive a mid-week release, seven years after the original. Developers Relic were snapped up after the fall of THQ last year, with Sega now publishing the latest game on PC.

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published Tuesday, Jun 25th

UK Chart: The Last Of Us Lasts At The Top

The Last Of Us (-48%) remains at number one and Animal Crossing: New Leaf (-55%) stays behind at two as both platform exclusives hold off FIFA 13 (+62%).

Tomb Raider (-2%) persists at number four ahead of Max Payne 3 (+602%) with price drops for the Rockstar title. Call of Duty: Black Ops II (+55%), is up eight to sixth.

Far Cry 3 sticks in at seventh as Injustice: Gods Among Us drops two to eighth. Assassin’s Creed III is up one place against GRiD 2, which falls seven to complete the top ten.

MotoGP 13,  from Milan based developer Milestone,  is the highest new release this week at fifteenth.

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published Wednesday, Jun 19th

Microsoft Forced Into Xbox One DRM Rethink

Just over a week has passed since Microsoft announced further details about their upcoming Xbox One console, including plans to check user software licences every 24 hours. However the company has now dropped their controversial Digital Rights Management (DRM) approach, along with making several other key policy changes.

In an open-letter titled ‘Your Feedback Matters’, Microsoft’s Don Mattrick explained how the firm has listened to feedback, taking the opportunity to “thank you for your assistance in helping us to reshape the future of Xbox One”despite earlier claims by Microsoft executive Phil Spencer that they would not be changing their policies.

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published Tuesday, Jun 18th

UK Chart: The Best Of Us

The Last Of Us reaches number one as the third best release so far this year and the best new IP debut since L.A. Noire. Animal Crossing: New Leaf hits second on the 3DS as the most successful launch of a non-Mario title so far.

GRiD 2 (-45%) takes a cut of sales in its second week, demoting it to third, but ahead of Tomb Raider (+53%) which leaps three places thanks to promotions. FIFA 13 (-32%) completes the top five by dropping three places due to new movement.

Injustice: Gods Among Us (+47%) gains five places into sixth as the title re-enters the top ten after price battles with retailers. Far Cry 3 (-1%) takes a minor dip in sales to land at seventh ahead of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition (-6%) at eighth.

Sales of Luigi’s Mansion 2 (+18%) leave it at ninth, down one from last week, as Assassin’s Creed III (+18%) gains by the same sales margin to stay at tenth.

The only other new release this week, Rugby Challenge 2: The Lions Tour Edition kicks off at twelfth.

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published Tuesday, Jun 11th

UK Chart: Ruthless GRiD 2 Retains Ruling

 GRiD 2 remains at the top spot, despite selling only half of what it managed during its first week. There is still much ground to cover for FIFA 13 (-36%) which holds second for a third week running.

Fresh French studio Dontnod Entertainment and publisher Capcom take Remember Me to third, ahead of the all-in-one package release of the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition at fourth. The latter concludes the latest release with all of the downloadable content now available at retail.

Far Cry 3 (-19%) and Dead Island: Riptide (-35%) fall one place each to fifth and sixth respectively. Tomb Raider (-12%) climbs three places to seventh and Luigi’s Mansion 2 (-14%) regains top flight status at eighth, as both reduce relative damage this week. As such, Donkey Kong Country Returns (-30%) clings to ninth and Assassin’s Creed III (-37%) drops four places to complete the top ten.

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published Tuesday, Jun 04th

UK Chart: GRiD 2 Glides Special Stage

The sequel to rally racing game GRiD from Warwickshire based studio Codemasters takes a first place launch finish in the UK chart this week, despite 29% fewer sales than its predecessor. GRiD 2 is the first of the franchise, and first for the studio since 2010, to reach the top spot.

FIFA 13 (+17%) has improved sales over the school break, ahead of Dead Island: Riptide with no change in numbers at third from fourth. RRP reductions for Far Cry 3 (+35%) takes it up four places to fourth and Resident Evil: Revelations (-45%) drops four places from first.

A little growth sees Assassin’s Creed III (+10%) sticks at sixth ahead of falling Metro Last Light (-40%) and Donkey Kong Country Returns (-17%). Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (-35%) swoops into ninth from outside the top ten. Tomb Raider (-0%) takes no damage in sales yet slips three places to complete the top ten.

Insomniac’s Fuse is the only other new release this week, landing at thirty-seventh.

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