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published Monday, Jul 12th

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 Review

So you want to play golf? From novice to pro, EA’s Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 may just fit the bill. If you’ve played previous versions of this already popular software then you’ll soon be aware of the new features packed into this version. EA have skillfully managed to preserve the best of the old and also introduce new features that make it an even better golfing experience.

Mastering the basics may seem daunting at first but persevere and work through those early exercises. Trying out your new skills and developing will earn points that later affect your playing experience. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 has four new functions helping you all the way; you can initially select your gameplay difficulty from the standard easy, normal, hard or expert, you can even develop your own unique customized combinations style from this menu option giving you better control of the game configuration.

Other new features include True View that gives you a first-person perspective of the course, Experience Levels which collects and analyses your game play so watch out as playing a poor game can result in you losing points and the Focus System allows you to exploit and focus a single attribute in your profile for each round that could earn you a couple of point boost. What can be difficult to master is putting. Make sure you learn how the software works and again practice is paramount. You may also need the enhanced Wii MotionPlus accessory for certain game options. These new features are an enhancement to previous versions in the series, and build on an already good training interface to speed up the learning process for newcomers.

The various screens are packed with icons given you vital clues on the conditions you are pitting your wits against, so get use to using this information, again practice is essential to develop your strategies when playing.

EA have also enhanced the visual experience with the addition of features that show you how your aiming selections and playing style will affect the flight of the golf ball even before you strike the ball. True View for instance gives you a first-person perspective just as you would see it on the course. With many famous golf courses available in exotic locations, you are spoilt for choice and can easily be convinced that you are actually there on location. Of course you can never substitute a simulation for the real thing but this game offers an alternative experience. With little effort and at relatively small cost you can experience the next best thing. The enhanced visuals are a great improvement on previous editions giving you a better feel of what it might look like, just as if you were there.

After building your golf skills you may want to try your hand at the PGA Tour or the new Ryder Cup Tournament, this is new to Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 and gives you the chance to play for either the USA or Europe building your own 12 man team to bring home one of the ultimate golfing prizes, the Ryder Cup. If you want to play the traditional games, you can opt for a series of different games all designed to enjoy and be played with family or friends, the variety makes golf fun to play. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 also includes Party Modes and Mini-Games giving you something for everyone, getting you further and further into playing golf. Getting bored is not an option with this version, as there’s so much to choose from.

If you have never dared to play online, now is the time to do it. Be brave and improve your game by playing and competing with the some of the best online players. If you are used to playing other games on-line, then this is no different. However you do have to be registered with EA games with your own account and be 13+ years. Once you have signed up then you literally have access to an entire world of online golf gaming community and this is where the real action takes place. There is no substitute for pitting your wits against other ‘real’ opponents in a game such as golf. This is where Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 really scores here. Once online you can set up and take part in a number of golfing challenges such as Head to Head and Live Tournaments. What’s new in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 is the additional 2 to 4 player simultaneous Stroke Play giving you the options to play a variety of game plays suiting your team’s collective skills and style.

Being online also gives you access to the aforementioned Live Tournaments where you can play with the best in a daily or weekly match. The aim of this is to compete to get to the top of the leader boards so the whole world can see that you are the best of the bunch! You also have the option of playing with the Pros where you compete and your score is streamed into the online tournament scores. EA also provide EA Messenger allowing you to create your own ‘buddy lists’ keeping in contact with other Wii gamers.

The game is packed with tips and advice on how to use the new features with plenty of practice modes to help you develop your style. Left-handed or right-handed it doesn’t matter, what matters is that through patience and dedication together with lots of practice, you too can improve your golfing skills. Perhaps even to a level where you may want to form your own Ryder Cup Team with your friends, play other teams or even go online and pit yourself against a worldwide golfing community all eager to prove they or their team are the best. Considering how expensive real golf can be, this game is worth every penny.

Jez Allen