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Ongoing Investigations: We Speak To Boomerang Rentals Managing Director Following Security Concerns

Published January 14, 2015 by |
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Following allegations of a potential security breach at videogame rental company Boomerang Rentals Gamebrit contacted Boomerang Rentals Managing Director and founder Nick Palczynski for comment on the situation.

Reddit Speculation

Late last week Software Developer Danny Tuppeny posted on Reddit, bringing to light a potential security breach at Boomerang Rentals in a thread titled “Have Boomerang Rentals had card details leaked/stolen?“.

Tuppeny speculated that fraudulent activity taking place on his bank card had come about due to a security breach at the rental firm. In the days that followed, numerous Boomerang Rentals customers came forward to lend their weight to Tuppeny’s assumption, adding that they were also seeing multiple fraudulent transactions on their bank cards.

Boomerang Rentals first responded to these growing ‘hack’ allegations on Reddit, stating that it was “very unlikely someone could retrieve your card details”. The company added that “there are many ways fraudsters can obtain an individuals card details and so it is more likely that your card details were obtained via other means”.

Boomerang Rentals initial Reddit reply also alluded to an “ongoing” fraud problem for both O2 and Vodaphone customers. However, when asked whether this independent issue could be a possible link to the ongoing Boomerang Rentals problems Managing Director Nick Palczynski told Gamebrit that this “was mentioned at the time in a broad context” and isn’t something that he could comment on further.


As more customer reports of card fraud came in over the weekend Boomerang Rentals made the decision to take their website offline on Sunday, January 11th so they could “continue their investigations”.

Despite the website being down, many customers were still receiving typical service emails from the company, such as those inviting a customer to add games to their rental queue — something which a customer couldn’t do due to the site being offline. Boomerang Rentals Managing Director explained this was due to a back-end system “still performing some tasks”.

As a result of the website closure, paying customers saw a halt in service.

Nick Palczynski explained to Gamebrit that the company is now sending out customer rentals and processing returns (as of the morning of Wednesday, January 14th) following “a two day delay to customer’s service”. Palczynski added that the delay in despatching and processing customer rentals came about as a result of their “ongoing investigations”, stating that for which he “can only apologise”.

After Boomerang Rentals took their site offline customers took to Reddit, Twitter and Facebook to lodge their dissatisfaction with how the company had dealt with the claimed breach thus far, with some calling it “flippant” and others cancelling their accounts with the firm all together.

Gamebrit asked Managing Director Nick Palczynski whether current customers will see any compensation or goodwill gesture from the company for the loss in service. Palczynski established that Boomerang Rentals “will of course look at this as soon as they can”, adding that their “immediate concern is for our customers”.


At time of writing the Boomerang Rentals website is still offline, making no mention of the alleged issue or highlighting customers to any possible banking fraud they may have been a target of.

The site states:

“Our website is currently down for maintenance work, please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. We hope to be back up as soon as possible.”

Boomerang Rentals Managing Director told Gamebrit that they “hope to bring the website up in the next day or so, with some reduced functionality”, adding “it is important however, that we complete our investigations first. We will then introduce tokenisation and potentially other additional options such as PayPal”.

Customers who want to get in touch with the company are advised to either email customersupport@boomerangrentals.co.uk or call 01604 654140, with their details to hand.

In a message to customers, Nick Palczynski said:

“We are working hard with our investigation and with restoring our service and are very grateful to those customers that have come out in support of us. Of course, I also understand the frustration of those that are concerned about this situation and empathise with anyone who has had fraudulent payments against their card, which has sparked this investigation.” 

“Everyone at Boomerang is working incredibly hard to resolve this issue and I would also like to say thank you to them for all their hard work so far.”

Are you a Boomerang Rentals customer affected by the site outage? Have you recently been a target of card fraud?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.