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iOS Games Now Cost 10p More, Freddo’s Still Cheaper

Published January 9, 2015 by |
App Store

Apps and games on Apple’s App Store are now a little bit pricier, following recent changes in both foreign currency exchange rates and VAT.

Apple announced Thursday, January 8th that alterations to their App Store pricing structure would be imminent. Holding true to their word, minor price changes came into effect the following day on Friday, January 9th. 

Apps that previously cost 69p in the UK will now cost you ten pence more at 79p. A range of other price points have also been altered, including £1.99 downloads, which now cost £2.29. A full list of all iOS app price alterations was acquired by Pocket Gamer.

This marks the second time that Apple have altered iOS app pricing.

When the App Store launched back in 2008 the lowest app price point was 59p, this was raised again by another ten pence to 69p in 2011.

We don’t imagine a ten pence price rise will put off too many people from buying new games, but I’m sure we can all remember the collective horror we expressed when we discovered our childhood snacks had gone up in price. I’m looking at you Chomps, Freddo’s and Space Raiders. Curse you inflation, curse you.

Freddo, Chomp, Space Raiders