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Daddy Long Legs Review

Published October 22, 2014 by |

Never before has a videogame made me appreciate the complexities of walking. Daddy Long Legs, a game in which you play as a fragile spider, has done just that.

Getting out of bed in the morning and walking downstairs is a daily routine that I’d never given much thought — it just happens.

Think about it: this complex routine includes moving from a comfy vertical position to a horizontal one, walking bleary-eyed to a bedroom door, to then taking on the challenging descent down a flight of stairs.

This series of tasks is managed with the greatest of ease, so I found myself somewhat sympathising with the arachnid of Daddy Long Legs, who tends to struggle with even the most basic one-two movement.

Daddy Long Legs

Created by Danish studio Set Snail, Daddy Long Legs puts forward a pretty basic premise: As a spider with comically long long legs you have to walk as far as you can. That’s it. 


Each tap of the screen will move your spiders legs, but finding the rhythm to a successful stride is annoyingly tricky. This sensitive control scheme echoes similar to Dong Nguyen’s Flappy Birds and Swing Copters.

It may not sound like much — and admittedly it isn’t, but the cutesy presentation and subtle straightforward sound design help make Daddy Long Legs something I find myself returning to.

Daddy Long Legs


After some 240 attempts, I’m still no further than attaining a 25 meters high score (which isn’t great), yet for a quick blast of something Set Snail’s latest is a more than satisfying challenge.

With delicate physics to contend with Daddy Long Legs is simple game to grasp, but an arduous one to master — and depending on your own level of arachnophobia, you may find yourself pitying the titular spider of Daddy Long Legs too.

Daddy Long Legs is out now for Android and iOS for free.