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Koch Media Buys ‘Homefront’ Series From Crytek UK, Will Continue Development

Published July 30, 2014 by |

Koch Media announced Wednesday that it has bought the rights to first-person shooter series Homefront from troubled developer Crytek.

Koch Media will now take ownership of the Homefront intellectual property from Crytek, and has announced it will repurpose the Crytek UK Nottingham studio into Deep Silver Dambuster Studios.

Koch Media confirmed that the repurposed studio will continue development on the series’ upcoming open-world sequel Homefront: The Revolution.

Deep Silver is the publishing subsidiary of Koch Media, having previously developed Dead Island and Saints Row.

After weeks of speculation, in which reports surfaced of employees receiving reduced pay and several employees opting not work, Crytek released a statement last week stating it had secure capital to ensure its future — the result of which is now clear.