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Indie Game Spotlight – Monster & Monster’s Deep Loot

Published July 29, 2014 by |
Deep Loot

Update 31/07/14 – Deep Loot is out now for free (offers in-game purchases) for iPhone and iPad.

From time to time we like to shine our Indie Game Spotlight. Today we shine that spotlight on Monster and Monster to take a look at the Leamington Spa based developer’s upcoming mobile title Deep Loot.

Deep Loot, the fifth release from Monster and Monster, is a charming platform puzzle game described by its developer as an “underwater loot-’em up”.

Presented in a charming 16-bit style, Deep Loot sees players control a deep sea diver who traverses platform under the ocean in order to recover treasure, artefacts and avoid the creatures of the sea. The loot can then be used to purchase weaponry and upgrade equipment.

The game also features a wonderful 16-bit style synth soundtrack that matches its visual style superbly.

Check out a full trailer for the game here:

Oh and how rad is this alternative vintage-style poster for the game?

Deep Loot Vintage Poster

Deep Loot is coming to Android soon and iOS on July 31st. You can follow the games development via Monster And Monster on Twitter.