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BAFTA Award Winning ‘Gone Home’ Gets Special Edition Re-Release

Published July 3, 2014 by |
Gone Home - Family

For those yet to play last year’s critically-accalimed Gone Home, you can now pick up the BAFTA award winning adventure game at retail in a new special edition re-release.

Previously a digital-only title, developers The Fullbright Company have teamed up with Knutsford-based publisher Merge Games to make the retail version of Gone Home a reality.

Gone Home Boxed Special Edition

Set in 1995, Gone Home is an interactive first-person adventure game in which after spending a year away from home you return to find your home empty. From here you get to work on solving the mystery as to where your family has gone, opening every drawer and picking up objects to discover clues.

The ‘Boxed Special Edition’ features a 40-page art book, sticker, poster and game soundtrack along with a Steam key and DRM-free version of the game on DVD — all of which is presented in SNES-style packaging.

The boxed version of Gone Home is available now and should cost you around £20.