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Brighton Based Fat Fish Games Give Tiny Goalie An American Spin With Tiny Touchdown

Published March 20, 2014 by |
Tiny Touchdown

Brighton-based indie dev Fat Fish Games released Thursday a new take on their successful Tiny Goalie app, Tiny Touchdown.

Your aim in Tiny Touchdown is to stop a constant flow of offensive American footballers from approaching the score line, whilst also avoiding flying red bottles, all in the pursuit of getting a leaderboard-topping high score.

Tiny Touchdown developer Anthony Barker said the game came about following growing demand from American players:

“Following the massive success of its predecessor Tiny Goalie, we have been inundated by requests for an American football version of Tiny Goalie particularly from the United States. American football is one of the most popular sports so creating Tiny Touchdown is an easy decision!””

“Tiny Touchdown’s strength lies in its simplicity – this has proved very popular with Tiny Goalie. Tiny Touchdown is, however, more challenging to play as there are multiple players running towards you and a wider zone to protect so you need to be a lot quicker and think on your feet. I had a lot of fun creating Tiny Touchdown as there are more cool effects and multiple characters. We have also made some improvements from what we learnt from Tiny Goalie so Tiny Touchdown is definitely more fun.”

Just like Tiny Goalie, the Tiny Touchdown app is a free ad-supported download, and is available now for both Android and iOS.

Gamebrit recently interviewed the developer behind both Tiny Goalie and Tiny Touchdown, Anthony Barker, asking him about app development, free-to-play and the inspiration behind the ‘tiny’ games.