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You’ll Soon Be Able To Buy Mario’s Kart

Published February 20, 2014 by |

Many gamers the world over have enjoyed the thrills (and frustrations) of Nintendo’s long-running Mario Kart series, with many no doubt dreaming of taking a real-life version of the famous plumber’s kart for a spin. Thankfully, such a thing is now a reality, at least for children, as Jakks Pacific have unveiled an official Nintendo-licensed Mario Kart ride-on vehicle.

Now although the Mario Kart 7 inspired vehicle doesn’t come equipped the series classic weapons, it does feature a range of sound effects from the game. So, even if the iconic red shells can’t actually be fired, it’s at least possible to pretend pretty easily. Failing that, getting a banana peel should prove pretty easy…

The kart features swappable on-road and off-road tyres so kids, and more than likely some adults, can take the ride-on kart across all sorts of terrains.

mario kart ride on

Jakks Pacific’s Ken Goodison, said:

“For the first time ever, you can be in the driver seat of your very own Nintendo Kart. It’s an exciting little runner that we expect to sit competitively within other 6V ride-ons and with it being so relevant to the Nintendo Mario Kart, it should do very well.”

The Mario Kart Ride-On is set to arrive in the UK later this year with a tentative autumn/winter release date currently pegged.