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Is PlayStation Plus Worth It Now?

Published December 16, 2013 by |

Back in 2010 we weighed up whether PlayStation Plus, Sony’s then new subscription service for PS3 owners, was worth your cash.

At the time we judged that perhaps the £39.99 annual entry fee wasn’t really worth laying down the cash for. Yes, you may have got your moneys worth in terms of access to games, but with the titles on offer not providing a compelling enough reason to commit, the service proved hard to wholeheartedly recommend. Not only that, but when staked up against Microsoft’s rival Xbox Live service, Sony’s alternative take on a console subscription service was viewed negatively, namely for not providing key features such as cross-game chat.

Since then a lot has changed, and it’s clear that PlayStation Plus is an ever evolving service. So with PlayStation 4’s now in homes across the country is the annual subscription worth your cash today? We take another look to give you our revised thoughts.In 2010 the monthly content available for your hard earned cash was a free PlayStation Network game, two free ‘minis‘ and a PlayStation One game, you also were offered premium avatars and XMB dynamic themes. There were also discounts, automatically downloaded updates and demos as well as full game trials.

Unfortunately, back in its infancy the free PSN games offered were mainly download only titles that would usually cost between £5 and £15 roughly to buy outright. While the games on offer did change every month, meaning you did eventually ‘get back’ your £39.99, they were commonly not the most desirable titles, paling in comparison to today’s offerings. That and it’s worth remembering you don’t own the games you’re playing on PSN, your subscription just grants you access to them.


The big change to the PlayStation Plus service came in 2012 when Sony revealed the Instant Game Collection at E3. Essentially, the introduction of Instant Game Collection resulted in a change to the subscription model which gave those signed-up access to 10 ‘full’ games to play at any time. Bigger titles entered the selection, with LittleBigPlanet 2, Darksiders, Motorstorm: Apocalypse and Infamous 2 being just some of the big hitters made available at the offset. Sony’s service instantly evolved, providing those paying with a far greater choice of big-budget, traditionally disc-based, releases. PlayStation Plus immediately presented itself as a uniquely different service when compared to its 2010 debut — think Netflix for your games.

Even more high profile games kept coming, with third party titles such as Battlefield 3, Sleeping Dogs, Assassin’s Creed 3 and Metal Gear Rising: Revengence having been added in the last year or so. This continued commitment to making available a growing range of highly sought after titles continues to give the service even more of a presence in the eyes of potential customers.

Metal Gear Rising

To further extend the appeal of the service Sony decided to add their handheld, the PlayStation Vita, into the mix in November 2012 — giving that platform its own selection of free games, included in the £39.99 subscription price. This wasn’t a separate subscription to your PS3’s. Simply put, your PlayStation Plus subscription now spanned two devices. Titles made available for the Vita include Uncharted: Golden Abyss, WipEout 2048 and Gravity Rush — certainly nothing to sniff at.

It comes as no surprise to see the service now on the PlayStation 4. Although traditionally it has been free to play online via Sony platforms, this has now changed, with Sony making the decision to put multiplayer behind the PlayStation Plus paywall, much like the Xbox 360 and Xbox One currently.

That said there are still plenty of additional goodies aside from just multiplayer, including ‘free’ games such as Resogun and Contrast — two titles made available for the PS4 launch.


Over its relatively short life the PlayStation Plus service has gone from strength-to-strength. With the recently released PlayStation 4, the service now offers a single cost approach – giving you features and free games across all three Sony platforms. With the PS4, much like the PS3 before it, we have no doubt the service will continue to evolve and expand its offering.

So, is PlayStation Plus worth it? Yes, and now is the time to give it a go.

Should you need any more convincing then you might be happy to hear every new PS4 comes with a free 14 day trial.
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