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UK Teenager Buys A Photo Of An Xbox One On Ebay For £450

Published December 5, 2013 by |
Xbox One

eBay UK user Peter Clatworthy was left disappointed when he discovered he had handed over £450 for a photo of Microsoft’s Xbox One.

Clatworthy, 19 from Nottingham, initially thought he had paid the sizeable sum for an actual Xbox One console, but when the mail arrived he was surprised to see that rather than receiving Microsoft’s latest home console, he had instead took delivery of a printed A4 picture of the new machine.

Xbox One Photo

The poorly printed Xbox One “photo” Clatworthy received in the post.

Following the disappointment Clatworthy got in touch with eBay to contest the purchase. eBay agreed that the auction, labelled ‘Xbox One Fifa 14 Day One Edition, Photo Brand New UK 2013‘ was misleading. Peter Clatworthy has since been refunded the £458.29 he paid.

Peter Clatworthy told his local newspaper the Nottingham Post that he is a regular user of eBay and that following the mistaken purchase he has had to “make a joke” out of the ordeal, adding that the experience will give him “something to laugh about in the years to come”.

However, a look over eBay’s recently sold items reveals that Clatworthy may not have been the only one to have bought an A4 Xbox One photo. A recent search reveals that three auctions of a similar description also ended last week, all of which successfully selling for the £450 Buy it Now price.

eBay Xbox One Photo

A selection of Xbox One ‘photos’ sold on eBay

The best advice for when buying on eBay is to always err on the side of caution. If you’re not sure, don’t buy.

Microsoft’s Xbox One was released in the UK on November 22nd with a recommended retail price of £429.