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GAME Hails Xbox One Launch Success, Says Sales Will Surpass 360 Debut

Published November 23, 2013 by |

After a successful Xbox One launch night retailer GAME made a bold statement saying the new console launch will “easily” surpass sales of the former Xbox 360.

Whether this proclamation turns out to be true remains to be seen, however early figures seem positive. GAME was keen to stress that customers wanting an Xbox One must be quick if they want to get a console in time for Christmas.

Speaking to MCVUK about the launch, Chief Digital Officer Ian Chambers hailed it as “Incredible”:

“You could almost taste the excitement – gamers had been waiting for Xbox One for over eight years and we saw a massive turnout at the midnight openings at more than 300 GAME stores across the UK. We’ve seen record pre-order numbers for the new generation consoles and looking at the initial response it’s clear that sales will easily surpass that delivered at the Xbox 360 launch.

“There is still huge demand and if you pre-order now we can still get your Xbox One to you in time for Christmas, so don’t miss out!  The first of the new generation consoles has set the bar high and along with our customers we can’t wait to get to grips with everything the Xbox One has to offer.”

Thousands attended the launch in London where the GAME set up a pop-up store. 26 year-old Charlie Pullbrook (pictured) was the first to pick up the new console at the store.

The Xbox One retails for £429, the PlayStation 4 is released on the 29th November at £349.