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Troubled Blockbuster Will Now Honour Xbox One & PlayStation 4 Pre-orders

Published November 6, 2013 by |
Blockbuster Lincoln

DVD and videogame rental retailer Blockbuster will now honour PlayStation 4 and Xbox One preorders, despite previously announcing that all orders placed would be cancelled due to the firm having re-entered administration, however customers will have to act fast.

Placing over 2,000 jobs at risk, the company announced they would be re-entering administration on October 29th. Following the announcement, the firm revealed on their Facebook page that all pre-orders placed for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One would no longer be honoured, just three weeks ahead of the console’s launches.

At the time Blockbuster said in order to receive a refund for any pre-orders customers would have to write to the company via postal mail. This did not prove popular with customers, who took to the company Facebook page to complain.

In a series of Tweets published Tuesday, November 5th, Blockbuster said that they would now be fulfilling customer orders, working directly with Microsoft and Sony to ensure demand is met. 

Over the course of nine Twitter updates the company said:

We are pleased to announce that both Microsoft and Sony have set aside Xbox One and PlayStation 4 day one consoles for Blockbuster customers who have valid pre-orders. To ensure Microsoft and Sony supply you with your console please complete the form at the following link by midnight on Thursday 7th November – http://survey.blockbuster.co.uk/s3/nextgen. Only Blockbuster customers with valid pre-orders should complete this form.

You will only receive the console you pre-ordered, including those who have ordered one of the exclusive Day One edition Xbox One consoles, you will also have the opportunity to request a PlayStation 4: Killzone Shadowfall bundle. On submission of the form Blockbuster will verify your pre-order and will pass your details on to Microsoft or Sony, who will contact you directly to arrange payment and fulfil your order.

So, if you still wish to purchase your console via Blockbuster you can, however you only have until midnight on Thursday, November 7th.