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GAME Offers Queue Jumping Scheme For Next-Gen Launch

Published October 30, 2013 by |

GAME is offering customers the chance to jump to the front of the queue when purchasing an Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

Those who take part in the retailers ‘Get Gaming Quicker’ scheme will be given access to a ‘fast lane’ at the many midnight launch and launch day events, allowing them to skip the main queue and get hands on with their new consoles faster.

Customers signing up for the scheme (at participating stores) will have the opportunity to sort out all their pre-order information, including arranging any additional games and desired accessories, prior to launch. Those who opt to partake in the ‘Get Gaming Quicker’ scheme will then be able to pre-pay for their order and make trade-ins for money off — meaning no cash will need to change hands on launch day, resulting in quicker turnaround in store.

Xbox One pre-orders can be sorted between 20th-21st November ahead of the 22nd November launch, while PlayStation 4 pre-orders can be sorted between 27th-28th November ahead of the 29th November launch.

GAME has stated the scheme will make the process “ten times faster” for those participating.