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Wii Production To Continue In Europe

Published October 22, 2013 by |

UPDATE: Nintendo of Europe have now confirmed that the Wii has been discontinued in Europe.


Nintendo Japan quietly updated their website recently noting that production of their fifth home console, Wii, would soon come to a halt. However, the widely successful machine is still currently being manufactured here in Europe.

Following the short announcement on Nintendo Japan’s website, which simply read “manufacturing is scheduled to end soon”, Gamebrit contacted Nintendo of Europe to find out whether the end of Wii production was a global matter — especially considering the debut of the Wii mini, which was only released in March, a mere seven months ago.

Wii MiniWhen questioned a Nintendo of Europe rep told Gamebrit that the message posted by Nintendo Japan was only “referring to the Japanese market” and that Nintendo of Europe have “no specific announcements for Europe regarding Wii production”.

So, with no declaration of production stopping in Europe it would seem that the Wii will still be available to pick up for the immediate future at least — either that or NoE just has plenty of inventory left.

At time of writing the Wii mini is still available to purchase on Nintendo’s own online store for just under £90.

The Wii home console launched in the UK back in 2006, and since then the console has gone on to sell over 100 million units worldwide.

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  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    this is most likely an experiment for Nintendo to see in Japan if they stop production of Wii, perhaps more people will go over to Wii U instead and if it works, then the same will follow for EU, AU, and even US, hence the spoke-person’s comment “no specific announcements for Europe regarding Wii production” because the controlled experiment in Japan will decide where they go from there. I bet you that I’m right.

    • MKGirlism

      Remember Japan is a completely different world than Europe, Australia, and America combined.
      The Japanese are way more pro-Nintendo than the other Regions, and they’re way better informed about everything.

      If a Japanese would no longer see a Wii, they’ll take a Wii U.
      If an American would no longer see a Wii, they’ll either take a PS3/PS4, Xbox 360/Xbox One, or just look on the Internet for a second hand Wii, because they don’t know the difference between the Wii and Wii U, other than the price.
      An Australian or European would do the exact same thing.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        Yeah, especially since they’re much bigger on portable gaming than console gaming. Thing is though since PC isn’t as big in Japan, they’re not as critical with graphics being a prime factor in playing games as the West is so they go for the best game play experience. Not to say that Sony and Microsoft don’t offer great game play experiences also. With the West more focused on technological maturity in that respect so with advances in PC come more gamers wanting graphics on consoles to exceed everything else, hence more people wanting Sony and Microsoft’s products, with graphics being one of the top factors. They know the difference between them; they’re just ignorant to what Nintendo does since they think all they do is stay old school and never do anything when the opposite is actually true. so they lose out on what the console offers because it’s not exactly the same or close to what the other offers-PS4 and Xbox One- so they dismiss it as if it’s just a rehash. Yes, you’re right they would do the same thing but it’s also because the public has been misinformed and been confused by retailers. Where in Japan the dominant companies are Sony and Nintendo so it’s not hard to see the difference with what they offer but may go of course for greater game play experience as preference, the West every area has varying tastes so lotta hype goes for each console manufacturer and whichever gets the most attention is what people will lean toward, hence the lack of attention to Wii U. But Wii U is having a turn around as sales in UK spiked 685% and US spiked 200% according to Nintendo so like Nintendo said it’s all about the games while Sony and Microsoft typically focus more on the console’s features that may integrate with the games. And also, people think just because Nintendo keep using the same franchises they lack creativity which isn’t true which lends to what I mentioned before: the West is mostly more technologically mature than most of the East so they’ll want the next thing whenever they can get at surface value without looking beneath that surface while Japan and Co. will look at the overall package initially so that ends up working against Nintendo as the West is their biggest audience but of course Japan is their most loyal which has stabilized them for this long so I think Nintendo has worked around that, especially with 3DS selling like hot cakes and Wii U picking up steam, those issues I mentioned prevented it. Not that people are stupid; they just I suppose aren’t around the right influences to get the right information and henceforth create a spiral of confusion. That’s my take on it but like you said, unfortunately the West doesn’t know the difference because besides the latest technology they also want knew games so they may take what’s offered for granting leaving Nintendo to work harder than Sony and Microsoft. Interesting point you brought up btw.