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Amazon Breaks Grand Theft Auto 5 Embargo

Published September 17, 2013 by |

Online retailer Amazon.co.uk broke developer Rockstar’s strict embargo when it sent out copies of Grand Theft Auto 5 ahead of its midnight launch Tuesday.

A number of customers who pre-ordered the title received the game as early as Saturday, a full three days before its official release.

Amazon said that just ‘a small number‘ of customer were affected. An Amazon spokesman spoke to the BBC:

“We have established processes in place to deliver new titles to customers on their release date and are looking into the circumstances that led to a small number of customers receiving this game earlier than intended on this occasion”

Rockstar have yet to comment on the matter.

This is the second pre-launch leak that Rockstar has had to deal with after individuals were able to extract audio that revealed plot points from a ‘locked’ version of the game and leak it online.

GTA 5 cost an estimates £170m to develop making it one of the most expensive games ever made. It is estimated that the game will bring in more than £1bn in sales.