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Yes, Every Xbox One Will Come With FIFA 14 Bundled In

Published August 20, 2013 by |

Microsoft confirmed Tuesday at their Gamescom media briefing that each Xbox One console sold in Europe will come bundled with a copy of EA Sports’ FIFA 14.

The deal, which was first hinted at by CVG, is seen as a move to blur the lines on cost differences between the upcoming Xbox One and Sony’s rival platform the PS4.

Sony’s next PlayStation is set to retail at £349 later this year, coming in £80 cheaper than Microsoft’s £429 Xbox.

Since the original reveal of the Xbox One back in May of this year, Microsoft have been seen to be playing catch-up, making several changes on how the system will work in an effort to appease potential next-gen buyers.

However, one area in which Microsoft seemingly can’t change face is on the consoles price point, therefore the addition of a ‘free’ downloadable copy of FIFA 14 is seen as a way to add value to the pricier console.

Xbox One - Fifa Bundle

At the media briefing Microsoft announced that the Xbox One will become the “home of football”, adding that FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Legends will be exclusive to the machine.

The bonus downloadable copy of FIFA 14 will be made available with pre-ordered consoles “whilst stocks last”.

The move is sure to prove a popular one — the FIFA franchise is big business in the UK and Europe.

The Xbox One is expected to launch in the UK this November.

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