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What Goes Up… Film Production Diary #1 — And So It Begins

Published July 8, 2013 by |

Gamebrit recently brought you the story behind What Goes Up… — an upcoming indie rom-com flick about videogame coders, produced by students at the University of Lincoln.

The project successfully passed its funding target over on IndieGoGo and is now heading into production.

The films production team, including producer Hannah Skidmore and writer/director Matt Gambell, will be joining us on Gamebrit to being you regular updates on the films production.

Director Matt Gambell is first up, providing an initial update on the production as it enters filming.

And So It Begins

We started rehearsing this week and it was wonderful. All of the actors have really gotten into their roles and have been a joy to work with.

We also managed get hold of our camera this week. We found some room in the budget and sourced enough money to afford the RED camera, so we can officially announce that we’re shooting What Goes Up… on a RED One allowing for cinema quality video and slow-motion recording, which is great news! So thank you for helping us achieve that! We’re so excited to see our film on such a professional standard of equipment, it should really help us amp-up the excellence of this film.

Speaking of which, it’s important that the sets look the best they possibly can and so we spent yesterday working hard putting together one of our most frequently used sets for the film. “Ray and Lee’s Den” which hosts almost a third of the scenes from the film. I’m really happy with how it’s turned out, our production designer Emma has done an amazing job at putting together all of the ideas and character traits from the script into this one room and letting us portray this world that the best friends both live in and I’m very excited to see it on the big screen.


Shooting starts today! Let’s hope it all goes well!

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See you soon,
Matt Gambell

For more information on What Goes Up… including previous production diary updates visit the films official website.

Things are only just getting underway, but the film will be joining a growing list of videogame-related movies, and hey it’s probably already better than the Street Fighter movie, right?