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Want To Rent Games? Here Are Your Options Post-LoveFilm

Published July 4, 2013 by |

After initial rumours, followed by a few days of speculation, LoveFilm officially announced that its game rental service will no longer be available to both new and existing customers.

With the impending loss of LoveFilm as a gaming rental option, the already small UK videogame rental market is set to get even smaller.

As a result Gamebrit decided to take a look at the options left for gamers, both online and on the high-street.

Spoiler: Your choices are severely limited…

UK Game Rental Options: 


UPDATE (December 16, 2013): Blockbuster no longer offer games-by-post rental. 

UPDATE (October 29, 2013): Blockbuster are currently in administration. We advise against signing up with Blockbuster during the administration period. This story will be updated to reflect any changes. 

Despite suffering the loss of around half its stores following financial difficulties Blockbuster still has over 250 operating stores across the country. Rental prices in-store tend to vary from shop-to-shop but you can expect prices starting from around £6 for five days for new releases, and less for older titles.

Blockbuster also offer online rental with gaming packages starting from just £9.99. The entry level games package gets you unlimited discs, limited to two discs at a time. Blockbuster also offer a £14.99 a month option for unlimited rentals with three discs at a time allowed. These packages allow the rental of both games and movies.


Boomerang Rentals, now in its sixth year is unique, offering a service that focuses solely on games, providing a variety of packages to choose from.

The cheapest package starts at just £3.99 a month, getting you a value package that offers one disc per month. Several other packages to suit a range of needs are offered, moving up to a £15.99 package. This top tier package offers a priority service giving you first pick of new releases (supposedly perfect for getting new games fast), a maximum of two discs at any one time, along with unlimited rentals.

Next Gen Rental

UPDATE (April, 2014): Next Gen Rental has ceased operations and services are currently being transferred to an alternative provider.

A relatively new entry to the UK rental space, Next Gen Rentals, started trading in early 2014. The service focuses only on ‘next-gen’ games, currently offering PS4 and Xbox One titles.

The cheapest rental package on offer starts at £7.99 per month. Several other packages are on offer with the top package costing £14.99.

Like we said, your choices are limited, and sadly that is it.

The current state of UK game rental services is rather bleak, and it doesn’t look like it will improve any time soon, especially with the next generation of DRM-confused, download-focused consoles on the horizon. If you know of any other ways to rent games in the UK, let us know.