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LoveFilm To End All Game Rentals, For Customers Old & New, This August

Published July 3, 2013 by |
LoveFilm Games by Post

LoveFilm is to stop offering games-by-post for all of its customers, old and new, next month.

Earlier this week the Amazon-owned rental company gave details on how it would no longer be offering game rentals to new customers, now however LoveFilm has confirmed that on Thursday, August 8th it will stop its UK game rental service entirely. 

New customers signing up to the service will not be offered the option to rent games. Existing customers will not be able to rent games after the specified August date.

Details for existing customers on how their accounts will change, for example to a different package, are currently unknown.


Statement from LoveFilm:

You may have already heard reports about changes to Games rental as part of the LOVEFiLM service.

We’re very sorry if any information about service changes reached you by third party or media reports, rather than first coming from us. We strive to communicate directly with our customers before releasing any wider statements concerning your LOVEFiLM service.

On this occasion, clearly, we failed – please accept our apologies for this error.

We can confirm that Games rental is no longer available as an option for new customers signing up to LOVEFiLM. Nor is it available as an option for existing customers who are looking to change their package.

We will contact all of our existing customers in the very near future to confirm our Games policy going forward.

Again, we apologise for any inconvenience, annoyance or confusion caused by our lack of coherent communication on this matter.