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LoveFilm Confirm They Are No Longer Offering Game Rentals

Published July 1, 2013 by |
LoveFilm by post

Amazon-owned LoveFilm have confirmed that they will no longer be offering game rentals.

Last week Gamebrit reported that the rental and streaming company may be putting an end to their games-by-post service, after an email sent to affiliate marketers suggested such a change was imminent. 

Now, an email received by Gamebrit confirms the immediate change.

LOVEFiLM confirms games rental will no longer be available to new customers signing up to its service in the UK, with effect w/c 24th June.

The brief statement dates the change to Monday, June 24th. New accounts hoping to sign-up to LoveFilm are now no longer shown the option to rent games upon registering.

LoveFilm Games by Post

No additional details on how this change will affect existing customers was provided. However, it has been noted that in recent months not all new releases are showing up as available to rent on the site, suggesting that the service could well be phased out for existing customers also.

UPDATE: Existing customers attempting to change their subscription option will no longer be presented with games-by-post options. In an email LoveFilm stated:

We are no longer offering games rental packages to either new customers, or those who wish to change from a non-games package.

Games-by-post customers who attempt to change packages no longer see an option to rent games, seeing a message similar to the following:

Your current package (‘Light use & games (4 discs a month)’, £10.20 per month) is no longer available. If you change onto another package, you will not be able to revert to your current package at a later date.

Change subscription on LoveFilm

No packages offering games-by-post are available

However, despite all these changes, as of today at least, existing customers can still rent games via the service — as long as they don’t attempt to change their package.

Gamebrit has contacted LoveFilm for further clarification on how this change will affect pre-existing customers.

Thanks to Colin H for the tip.