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Joe Danger Powers On To Steam

Published June 24, 2013 by |

Hello Games continue their mission to bring the Joe Danger series to pretty much every platform going with an appearance on PC via Steam. Starting Tuesday, 24th June, gamers can get their hands on not only Joe Danger 2: The Movie but also the original blockbuster Joe Danger.

The developers aren’t just content with simply porting their titles over, so they’ve included a few bits of extra content for the PC faithful. In this case it’s a trio of playable characters from Team Fortress 2 and the tools to make your own Joe Danger levels with Minecraft’s stylized pixel tools. As if that wasn’t enough you can also play as Pigman and The Player. See them all in action in the PC trailer below:

To celebrate the release Hello Games are offering a whopping 20% of each individual game,from £9.99 down to £7.99, and 40% of the complete bundled edition to reduce it from £16.99 to £10.19. This generous offer only lasts for one week so be sure to get in their quickly or else you’ll miss out.

Hello Games aren’t stopping there and have made the bundle even more tempting with extra wallpapers for your computer, the Joe Danger soundtrack and an eBook showing the history of series so far.

Joe Danger 2 The Movie_screen1

If you’ve never experienced Joe Danger before then why not get the lowdown in our review of the Xbox-exclusive Special Edition of the first game.