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Students Seeking Funding For Videogame Rom-Com

Published May 31, 2013 by |

Students at the University of Lincoln are seeking funding via Indiegogo in order to finance ‘What Goes Up‘, an indie rom-com flick with a sci-fi twist.

The film centres around a videogame coder attempting to create the greatest game ever (good luck), all whilst battling to talk to the girl of his dreams. However, a mysterious cube changes the main character’s fate.

Second-year Media production students Matt Gambell and Andrew Coates from the University of Lincoln are behind the project. They explained their aim for ‘What Goes Up’ is to:

“show that students do in fact have the skills required to make a feature-length film to a professional standard”

The project has just under a month to raise the £3,300 required (and at time of writing the project is very near to hitting its goal).

The majority of the budget (70%) will be spent on art and set design, with 20% going towards equipment cost and the rest (10%) going towards administration fees.

The team is attempting the make the film on as little as possible, as stated on the film’s funding page:

“Being students we’re used to working on a very tight budget, but to make the film look as good as we’d like it to, we need some financial stability”

We’re making a film we want you to watch and by supporting us financially not only are you securing the outcome of this film and helping improve its overall quality, but you’re also securing the distribution of the film.”

Backers can pledge anything from £1 to £1000 in order to see the ‘What Goes Up’ get off the ground.