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Blockbuster Now Concentrating On Games Retail

Published April 16, 2013 by |

Blockbuster, recently bought out by Gordon Brothers Europe, which saved the company, its stores and staff from administration, is seeking further growth in the retail space.

Going against the rental model which gave it past success, Managing Director Gary Warren has pledged a retail push for games as part of its core business citing geographic advantage over the likes of GAME and HMV. Blockbuster stores can certainly be found in rather obscure places, with 264 outlets across the country.

Blockbuster hope to target the life-cycle of the new Xbox and PlayStation 4 specifically in order to gain a foothold, and Warren has already arranged meetings with suppliers to that end.

Warren added,

“We have an ambition to be much more of a partner to the games industry in the UK and less passive. We want more voice. We want the games industry to know us and to be key to plans. We want our suppliers to feel we have channels that are available to them which they can’t get from our rivals. We are serious about games at Blockbuster.”